" STREET is an eclectic, casual restaurant and cocktail                     lounge that satisfies both your hunger and your wanderlust.                     From falafel to phở, burgers to bibimbap, we serve the                       world’s most flavorful street food in one lively place. And with                a global palate of beer, wine and cocktails, the bar at STREET                  is one of the hottest evening destinations in Portsmouth, NH."
                          I've taken you here before, but this time I did remember                                          to snap a photo. We both had Korean bibimbap with steak.                                And to drink I had an unsweetened ice tea and also a glass of water.  Actually Corrine had the same, so it was easy for our waiter.
             (Who by the way happened to be a former student of mine. I can always           tell a former student when they walk up to the table and give you this long                     look. Of course since I teach high school by the time I see them                    they are  usually so grown up I can't recognize them any more, but our                 waiter was nice enough to share his name and I recognized his curly hair right away then.)