Sunday, July 12, 2020

In the Sea

Hi everyone. I have just about completed my summer journal with a hot theme for Art Journal Journey. This month I am hosting and I picked the theme When It's Hot. 
. Did I mentioned I bought a 2 ring binder journal that came with 20 pages of watercolor paper in it? The paper is nice and thick so I can work on both sides. I've made 37 pages so far So you'll be seeing pages from me (most likely) every day this month.
I live in a great place. I am on the southern end of what is called The Lakes Region of my state of New Hampshire, and I also live about 30 minutes away from the ocean.  In the summer when it can get hot, life is really about water which is not far away. Good thing I am a Pisces.  Smile.
So my page today has an ocean theme.  
I started by inking my page with 2 colors of water based ink. A little water spray gave it a watery look. Then I stamped the cool circle of fish and added a few more fish. Then I used one of the seahorses in the Art By Marlene punch out image book. I used an old tape roll and some white paint to stamp the circles; I stamped the quote also. And finally I made a spiral around the fish with some Stickles glitter glue.
That's all for me today. My hives are bad and all over my body- I am so itchy!!!! I need to shut off my immune system, at least that part of it.

Have a great rest of your Sunday and start to your week.

Saturday, July 11, 2020


Hi everyone. I hope everyone is having a nice weekend so far.
We're having some heavy rains today as there a is tropical storm moving close by to our west. It's a good day to get some indoor things done, like maybe finish up some studio reorganization. Or maybe just read a good book. I shall see how ambitious I get.

And I have another page for Art Journal Journey and the When It's Hot challenge today.
When the weather is warm, it is nice to relax outside and watch the world go by. One thing I like to watch is the big fluffy cumulus clouds. (Not today with this rain.) It is something I used to do with my grandmother when I was  a little child, and I still like to do it today. 
What shapes can you see in the clouds I drew?

\I sprayed my page with a light spray of Dina Wakely spray paint. Then I drew the chair (the back of an Adirondack ) and colored it red. The quote is an ancient stamp I just love (can't remember who made it) that I stamped and cut apart to fit on my page. And then I painted some clouds and outlined them.

Not much else exciting going on here.  My daughter is due home tonight as tomorrow is suppose to be nice and she wants to go for a boat ride with us. Thanks for stopping by to visit.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Ladies of Summer

Hi everyone. I can't believe it is already Friday. Talk about a week flying by.
So today I have 2 pages from my summer journal for my When It's Hot challenge at Art Journal Journey

My first page shows beautiful Claire and is a snapshot from an evening in the garden. (The name is simply the name on the sticker I used, as I got this photo out of a magazine. I don't actually know this lady's name.)  I used some paper that is light blue with white botanical images on it. I outlined the images and added some color. I also used this vintage playing card with the 2 little bluebirds on it. This reminded me of the bird songs you often here at the end of the day. So I used this vintage lady that I cut out of a photo sheet (that I pulled out of an old magazine) and then I used these TH phrases. Finally I added a couple of cardboard dots that I painted with some gold metallic paint.
I imagine Claire walking through her garden into her home  as the light is fading. Her home is a beautiful old Victorian building with large and gorgeous gardens around it.

And my second piece takes place  now that darkness has arrived.  It is a warm summer night and the dancing from the party has moved outside under the stars. I think these 2 ladies in this next piece probably live in the same home that Claire from the first  piece lives. Only based on their dress style, these ladies lived a few years before Claire. One of them might have even been Claire's grandmother when she was a young woman.

I made this page with some black spray ink, 2 sticker ladies, a quote from the Art By Marlene punch out image book, as well as some little metal stars and some dots of sparkle glue.

Hope you have a super start to your weekend .

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Not Just for Kids

Hi everyone. The heat is back in my area, as well as the humidity, making it feel steamy.
And what's a good treat to enjoy in the heat,
how about a Popsicle or ice pop?

I made my page by using Dina Wakely's spray paints to cover the background. Once that dried I drew some squiggly lines across the page. Then I drew a giant ice pop, which I then cut out and added to my page.  I also added to ice pops die cuts and 2 stickers. The die cuts  and my drawing was painted by me and I added a bit of  Stickles to give them the cold  icy look.

I've been working on my studio reorganizing, and I finally feel like I am getting somewhere.  But I'm not done yet!

See that pile of books in the photo above?  That's my pile of books I brought home when I cleaned out my classroom that started this whole project. 
Not that it couldn't use a good cleaning. 

But I am finally starting to actually clean up the mess!

Hope you're staying cool if you're in the summer season, and for those of you on the other side of the planet, I hope your winter isn't too cold.

That's all for me today.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

How to Spend a Hot Day

Hello. I am back today with another post for  the When It's Hot challenge at Art Journal Journey. So what is a good thing to do on a hot day?
Maybe not sitting on a mushroom, but certainly a good book helps to pass the time. And maybe even makes your eyes a bit heavy and helps  you to doze off for a nap too, even if it's a good story. 

My background is made with 3 colors watercolor crayons and 2 different stamps. The main image of the boy on the mushroom is an old LaBlanche stamp from my stash. The beauty of reorganizing is I have found some fun stamps that have been sitting unused in bins for awhile. A little coloring, some stickers and finally a tab that seemed just right for this page.

And it is time to do my monthly  reading update for anyone who is interested. This is how I am keeping track of my reading, and June was a pretty good reading month.
It started with this oldie from the early 1960's (I think 1962).  I was reading a list of the top books for each year, and this one was listed. It sounded pretty good and relatively light reading, a mystery with bit of romance set in Crete. I did enjoy it, and even though it was from the early 1960's I love the independent and strong minded female leading character.

And it is really nothing like the Disney film by the same title with Hayley Mills which I watched after finishing the book.
And then it was onto another older mystery, this one from the 1990's

This one's main character is Anna Pigeon, a US National Park Service ranger. I also enjoyed this series, which I can't believe I haven't ever read before. There's a whole collection of these set at different parks, so I think I need to read a few more.

This is book 2 is another series. The premise of this series is that there are Gods (like the ones from Greece, Rome, Norse and Celtic) still on earth fighting the daimons of New Orleans. I like that part of the story. And there is also the beautiful young girl one of them falls in love with, which is a bit too romance for me. But I have to say it is light fun reading, and this one (book 2) I liked this one much better than book 1. I guess you have to just be in the mood for an easy and light read, but I will probably read another some other time when I want a bit of  fantasy escape.
I listened to Jungles of Stone, which was a very good book. However, I think the title was deceiving, as the book was more about these 2 men and life in Central America than the Mayan discoveries. However, since I knew nothing about Central American history nor the discovery of the Mayan temples I did enjoy the listen. There is always so much to learn, isn't there?

So once I finished listening  to Jungles of Stone , I decided to listen to another Latin American book. Love in the Time of Cholera came out in the 1980's, and I read it then, and I loved it. I also enjoyed it this time around too. I have to say I remember some images from the book, and the gist of the story, but not all the details of the story. It is a wonderful piece of literature about first love and love later in life.

And then I went on to book 6 from the Sookie Stackhouse vampire series, which enjoyable and so much better than book 5.  

And right now I am listening to book 2 of the the Mayfair witches trilogy by Anne Rice. I've read the first book 3 times, including last summer , but have never read any other book in the series. This one is 28 hours long, and I am not too far into it, so let's hope I enjoy it because it is a bit commitment.  (But the first book, The Witching Hour, was also long to read, and I looked it up and that book was a 50 hour listen. Only I read my paper copy.)

And finally, I am also back to rereading  some of the earlier Louise Penny books. This is book 4 and another excellent mystery set in Quebec, Canada. I wasn't going to reread this one because I thought I remembered it, but since it's been years, I realized I didn't remember that much of it, and I really enjoyed another read through it.

And if you stop by on a regular basis, you might know I've been playing with dyeing plant images on paper. Here's a few books I've read/reread recently to learn and refresh my skills.

This top book (Eco-dyed Art Journals) is very useful with instructions. Eco-color is a wonderful book of inspiration and nice glossy photos. 

And Wild Color is a super book with lots plant dyeing info also. 

If you read, I hope June was a good month for you. 
And I appreciate you stopping by to visit.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Book Pages

Hi everyone!

It's already time for a new challenge at Try It On Tuesday. The last 2 weeks just flew by,  didn't they? For the next 2 weeks we are asking you to use book pages in your art.

I had some fun collaging and making a summer journal page for you.

I began by cutting out a magazine page (it is kind of a book) to use as my background. The flower centers are also cut out of a magazine page. I added bits of paint and the petals (which are actually book pages). The stems are made with crayons and the bird is a Stampotique image that I stamped and fussy cut. I left it white because I thought it would be much more dramatic on the page to do so. And then I added a few stickers to make my phrase. 

Be sure to check out all the wonderful art the TIOT designers have made.

I am also linking this up to the When It's Hot challenge at Art Journal Journey as there is so much going on in a garden when it is hot. in the summer.

Thanks for visiting!

Monday, July 6, 2020

T Stands for Different Kind of July 4th Picnic

Hi everyone. Happy Tuesday.  Today I have a lot to share in my post.

I'll start with this page in the little journal I've made for this month's Art Journal Journey When It's Hot challenge.

Most of this page is a painting, except for the quote that I stamped and the black lines I drew in. Oh and the sails on the sailboat which I created with some little triangles of white paper and a black pen. I painted the sky, water and the sun. After painting the sun with acrylic paints I took some mica watercolors and gave it a coat, which you can see the bit of a shen it created.

I thought this page will fit almost perfectly for my T day post. (Be sure to stop by  Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog   to join us with your drink related photo.)

When we woke up on July 4th, it was a beautiful day. So my husband and I packed our lunch and went for a little cruise in my husband's boat.

We cruised out to the beach where we anchored and sat for a couple of hours having a relaxing lunch.

Our picnic lunch  included some of this bottle of pre-mixed margaritas.

This is the best way to bring it on the boat, even if homemade ones are better.

This is my drink to share with you for T.
We also packed some homemade chicken salad, chips, and some little packages of cookies.

Maybe not  a lobster roll or a romantic picnic, but it still tasted yummy.

We also brought the dogs with us. The pups love boat rides.
Maddie found a good place to take her nap. You can see we are at the beach area with many other folks having the same idea.

We have to travel 6 miles down a river (The Piscataqua) in order to reach the ocean. That river has a really bad current during tide changes, one of the fastest in the country. So while we boat on the river the dogs need their life jackets so we could scoop them out of the water faster should they go overboard.

They always look so cute in their life jackets and they also had on flag bandanas to celebrate the July 4th holiday.

And let me share a few more boating photos with you.
The day started sunny, but as we enjoyed our lunch, the fog rolled in.
It makes such a dramatic view.

After awhile we got sick of the fog and turned around and went back up the river. As we moved inland we eventually lost the fog and the sun came back out.

But even that didn't last too long. After we pulled the boat out of the water and were cleaning it, the fog rolled in up river, and then it seemed to follow us all the way home. 

Explains the foggy and wet weather we had overnight.

Thanks for visiting.
Have a happy T day too.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

On A Beautiful Summer Day

Hi everyone.  Hope you are having a lovely weekend. 
So my page today had 2 inspirations.
First of all I found this sky/cloud piece in an old FLOW magazine, so I cut it down to fit my base paper. But then I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it.
While working on my rearrangement of my happy place, a sheet of tiny stickers feel out onto the floor. When I picked them up I noticed they were these little vintage bugs with human faces, and I decided they would make wonderful bees and work perfect on my sunny day page. So I colored in the sun with a yellow crayon (as there was no sun on the magazine page) and added my bees. (Even if they aren't bees I am making them bees). 
Maybe not the most work extensively artistic  page but I rather like the results.
Bees just seem to love a hot summer day, and my garden is full of them. Plus I've been learning about beekeeping as I am going to set up a hive next spring and am getting everything ready this year so I have been extra into bees right now.  We really need to help those little buzzing insects for sure.

And the other evening when I went to take in my birdfeeders, I spied a hummingbird moth buzzing around some of my deck flowers.


Hummingbird moths are called that as they have long proboscis mouths they can stick into  flowers to take in pollen, and they flutter their wings extremely fast, back and forth, similar to a hummingbird.
 In the photo below you can see my phone camera could not  snap fast enough to capture a clear view of the wings.

It was very cool! 

That's all for me.
Thanks for visiting! Hope you are enjoying my simple "hot" pages.  I hope to see your  When It's Hot art over at Art Journal Journey

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Happy July 4

Hi everyone! 
Today is the birthday of the USA. Wishing all of you in the US a Happy Fourth of July!  And happy weekend to everyone else.

Since it is summer in the US, it is often a hot day to celebrate this holiday.. So I created this page in my summer journal and I am sharing it with you today for the When It's Hot challenge at Art Journal Journey.
I made my summer journal page by inking the background and stamping some red fireworks. I left the white spaces to create a red, white and blue abstract background. Too bad there aren't any fireworks this year (at least in my area) because of the virus, but I bet that will make the dogs happy.  And all those holiday parades, cook outs, and other celebrations will certainly not be the same this year, if they are even going on.

Then I added this image I cut out of a piece of 12 x 12 scrapbooking paper. The rest of the page is made with some bits and pieces from the stash: the TH found relative girl, a number 4 sticker, some little gold sunflowers and finally this red, white and blue gemstone banner designed item.

It's kind of sad for me that this year the holiday won't be the same, as this is the biggest holiday of the year for my husband's family. Usually we all go up to my mother-in-law's home on a little lake, but because we can't all social distance, and since my husband is immunosuppressed because of his kidney transplant, we have to be extra careful.  So my husband and his sister figured out who gets go go spend the day on the lake which day of the weekend.. Our day was yesterday when it was raining. We're hoping we can negotiate Sunday since the weather might be a big better then. But if not. there will be next year when hopefully things will be a little more normal at least.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! And enjoy your weekend!

Friday, July 3, 2020

Holiday Celebrations

Hi everyone. 
I'm back with another page for my When It's Hot challenge at Art Journal Journey.

Tomorrow is a big holiday in the USA as we celebrate our country's birthday. I know things will be a different this year because of Covid-19, but for a lot of people the 4th of July meant/means  it's time for a cookout or barbecue. 

And a BBQ is hot once you get the fire going. So watch those fingers close to the grill top. And it is best done when it is nice warm weather as who wants to cook outside when it is cold?
I'm not sure what's cooking on the grill that I drew, but it will make some yummy food and you can wash it down with a cool beer. I made my grill too big to add other drink glasses on the page, so sorry if you're not a beer drinker.  It needs a chef, but I didn't have anything nor could I find a good photo for the griller. So maybe it is a magic grill that does the cooking without any human help. (And wouldn't that be nice?)

I drew and colored the grill, die cut the spatula, made my background by mopping up the page and then stamping the BBQ phrase, and finally die cut the beer mug and then colored it and frosted it with some Stickles. And the sun is a stamped punched out circle.

My daughter and her beau arrived yesterday for a couple of days to visit before the holiday. Everyone is taking an extra day off to have a 4 day weekend.  Well not me as it's summer break (although my family will tell me I'm retired so there is no summer break). I expect my 4th will be pretty low key as my daughter and  her beau will be probably heading off tonight, but maybe the 4th will turn out nice for those of you who might be cooking outside. Today is suppose to be another wet day of which we've had a lot of this week.  (I am writing this Thursday night.) So it might not be a good BBQ day here. I guess I shall have to see how accurate the forecast is. 

And on the grumble side, the critter has been back in my veggie garden eating my squash and cucumbers. I used some stinky spray  and pellets to see if that works, but once it rains those go away. Next step is putting netting over them if the smell doesn't keep them away, which I think I should have done earlier. This stinky spray and pellets is pretty bad though. It would keep me out. I actually think it is the chipmunks munching away, because not all the leaves are eaten.

That's all for me today. Thanks for visiting and  hope to see your Hot pages over at Art Journal Journey

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Mowing the Lawn

Hi everyone.
I'm back today with another page from my summer journal. I made this page for the When It's Hot challenge at Art Journal Journey

When it's hot it seems the grass (as well as the weeds) grow faster than fast, and that's the idea of my page today. The sky is a mope up and then I used paint and crayons to make the grass. The lawn mower, quote and butterflies are all stamped.

We've had a lot of  much needed rain so far this week, and if the sun reappears today like they say it is might, the grass will do it's happy dance and grow like crazy.  I think I will leave the mowing to my husband though. Smile. But of course there is still some more rain forecasted on the horizon, so maybe it will be as long as the grass in my journal page by the time it gets mowed. Smile again.

I have to say I was a little upset when I put the bird feeders out yesterday as something has gotten into my veggie garden and eaten my zucchini, cucumber and kale plants. Grumble and groan. 

And there's a new challenge at Tag Tuesday is Put a Sentiment on It. Here's a tag I have for that challenge.

It's got a romantic stye (a little different for me) but it wasn't made for Valentine's Day! I just happened to get the Tim Holtz Urban Elements stamp set  recently and thought the cupid would work with the rest of my tag.  I actually had the roses and the background finished before the cupid got added.

And thank you Valerie for reminding me it is the second of the month and time for  Second on the Second over at Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog. 
 Here's a summer page from July of 2017.

I chose this page because it goes with my theme at Art Journal Journey  (When It's Hot), as it might give you some ideas for pages, but only if you are stuck thinking of any. 

Thanks for visiting. And I hope you enjoyed your visit at my blog.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

It's July!

Hi everyone. Happy July!

And if you are from Canada, I wish you a Happy Canada Day! 

It's a new month, and it's time for a new challenge at Art Journal Journey. Thanks Halle for being a great host, and I hope this month I can be as good a host. Yes, this month I am hosting AJJ, and my challenge is all about heat. 
This month you need to think about When It's Hot.
Think about summer, hot colors, hot drinks or food, hot guys or girls, hot topics, stoves left on, or whatever other hot thing crosses your mind.

I've made a journal with HOT inspired pages The journal is in a 2 ring binder, so on some of my pages you might see the holes where they get inserted. And I am also using both sides of my pages.
Here's the front page. 

I used a stencil to create the dark orange rays. I added some dashed lines to them. The sun is a punch out from an Art by Marlene booklet, although I did added some Glossy Accents to the glasses. And I have an ancient set of Technique Tuesday summer word stamps which I used.
You'll be seeing a few more of these as the month goes by.

 And the backside of this page is a similar idea, so I thought I would share it with you today also.

The background is painted yellow and then sprayed with some orange ink. I added the diecut fan and decided to use some blue glitter to represent the air moving through the fan. You can also see the 2 rings that hold the pages in the journal.

I can't wait to see your hot journal pages over at Art Journal Journey.
Thanks for visiting and thanks in advance for joining us at AJJ also.

Monday, June 29, 2020

T Stands 2 Types of Congratulations

Hi everyone. Happy T day.  Hope everyone is well and staying safe. Here in the US the virus is getting out of control in some places, or so the news is reporting. I think  people are having isolation rebellion, especially with summer weather here. I live in a tourist area, and it is a little scary to me to see how many people are back at their camps or who are visiting. Not that I blame these people for coming, but our population triples in the summer and those  much higher numbers are scary. 
This is the time to share your drink related post over at Bleubeard and Elizabeth''s blog

So my drink related photo today is this mug I received as a retirement gift from a friend. My friend Deb was the one who was going to have my retirement party at her house. Her son is studying graphic arts so  he made a custom design that was for both myself and my friend Jo who also retired this June. If it wasn't for Covid 19 and there could have been a retirement  party, this design was suppose to be the napkins and paper plates, but since Covid caused the cancellation of the event, Deb used the images to make us both a mug.
And my face side are some biology images, and on my friend Jo's side are some chemistry images as her background was that science. 

It's a fun mug with a fun story, and I like how it celebrates both of us retirees.

And this past Friday evening the school finally was able to have graduation. I had a lot of connections with kids in this class. These were connections that went back for 2 years when I had them as sophomores. So I wanted to go for that reason, plus I was curious about how graduation would be run with this virus and social distancing.

So here I am with my mask and my robe. The school orders teacher's robes to wear as it give an air of formality to the event.

Normally the staff and student march in but this year they had names on the seats for the kids so they could just go sit down. The staff seating was all around the edge of  the kids, and it was open seating for staff on those seats.

And I like this photo a parent took and sent to my friend Deb (whose son designed the mug). That's her on the right and me on the left.

I think the school did a fantastic job keeping everyone separated and being sure masks were worn. They only allowed 1 car for each student, with only 2 guests (they all had to be in the 1 car) per student. The ceremony was recorded and also shown live on the local cable network channel. After the ceremony ended, each graduates car participated in a car parade through the city. 

That's my post for today. I hope everyone has a great T day!
And thanks for visiting.