Monday, September 30, 2019

T Stands for Summer Winds Down

Hi everyone. Today (Tuesday) isn't suppose to be too bad but chilly temperatures have arrived here in New Hampshire. But now that it is October, I guess we can expect that. I think I'll be putting my sandals away pretty soon. 😒 Temperatures at night are suddenly  down close to  freezing.
This past weekend a friend from North Carolina up visiting, and Saturday it was a gorgeous day, so we took our friend out for a boat ride. (It is my guess is that it might have been our last boating day for the season. It is no fun boating when it is cold.).

The celebrate the warm day, we stopped for a summery lunch before we headed out on the water.
 Yup, probably my last lobster roll until next year since they just aren't as appealing once the weather gets cold.
And for my T day drink  I had a diet Pepsi with my sandwich.
And later on when we were boating, we docked the boat and stopped at a waterside restaurant for a little refresher. I had a glass of red wine sangria.
Stop by    Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog to join us for T this week. 

And I haven't shown you any boating photos since June, so here's a few. Today I have photos of those hard working men and women who get those lobsters for all those sandwiches, as well as  lobster boats and related photos.

Lobstering is a vibrant local industry here in New Hampshire as you can see.
Have a fabulous Tuesday everyone.
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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Weekend Wrap Up

Hi everyone! The month of September is  just about over. But there is just enough time for me to link up one more journal page for Art Journal Journey and my September challenge of  Polka-dots, Stripes, Plaids and Patterns.
My page today is made with an 8x11 brown printed paper that I then attached to some brown inked watercolor paper. I went on to create some stripes with some printed washi tape. 
The tag is another oldie from my stash that I made with some stamped and a cut out image at some point back  in the past. But this tag worked well  on the page, so now it is there. Then I created some details with some painted plastic gears and some white paper flowers. I also added some cloth stickers which I embellished with some little metal screw heads.

And before I forget
I want to send big thanks to all of your who joined in the fun at Art Journal Journey this month. You guys created some amazing art and really Rock! I  appreciate all your support.

In the last week some autumn color started to appear, and I bet this week there will be even more, since our temperatures are suppose to be feeling more like fall.
Here's some photos from my Saturday morning walk.

 And in my garden there's still a bit of blooming going on.

 And any time now my perennial chrysanthemums should be blooming. These plants  bloom in October, and it is always nice to have some late season flowers. 
Even better these plants originated in my grandmother's garden, and then some were moved to my mother's garden and now I have some. I'm hoping for a lot of flowers since the plants seemed to thrive on this years conditions.
I hope everyone has a great new week and I will see you soon for T Day.

Friday, September 27, 2019

The Month is Widing Down

Hi everyone. The month is winding down very quickly, but before it does I still have a couple of pages for Art Journal Journey to share with you. This month my challenge has been polka-dots, stripes, plaids and patterns.
And if you want to join in, there is still a few days of September left to join us! 
So I painted some messy stripes. Those stripes really make me happy, even if they are wiggly and look rather uneven in color tone. Then I added this tag which I found already made in my stash.  I added the metal flower and leaves to the bottom of the tag to tie it into the page a bit. It's nice to have found a way to recycle the tag also.
I made the tag so long ago that I can't remember exactly how I made it, but I do see some washi  tape stripes on an alcohol ink background.  I see some die cuts but I honestly don't know where the winged woman image came from as I don't have that stamp. 

Have a super end of your week and start of your weekend.  
And thanks so much for stopping by my blog.
And Art Journal Journey too.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

More from the Wright Museum and a Tag

Happy Thursday everyone. I'll start my post today with a tag for Tag Tuesday and the latest Trees challenge.
My tag is made with lots of ink and a few stamps. I also added this wooden leaf I had in my stash. 

And I also have a few more photos from my visit to the Wright Museum of World War II.
I wish shoes were still this inexpensive.  But I also might be in trouble because it is always fun to go shoe shopping.
I actually want to try this cake recipe.  It might be one way I can actually go back in time other than viewing all the displays in the museum.

I never heard of Victory Gardens (other than I think there used to be a PBS TV called that here in the US). One thing I learned in the museum is how much of American life became centered on the war.  Including keeping a garden.

My mother used to talk about the black out paper and shades that they used to have to put up on their windows.  I found that really a fascinating idea when I was a kid. I can't image people doing that now. But I guess if we had to, we would.

Hope you enjoyed the photos.
And thanks so much for stopping by to visit my blog.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Trying Something Different

Hello! So this week is speeding right by isn't it? Here it is middle of the week already. I've had a couple of long days with work and appointments but not today, so maybe I will actually get an hour or two of art time after work. And that would be a good thing!
So may page today is a different style for me. I started with a piece of watercolor paper and this striped paper that was the background for a set of alphabet stickers in their store package. I then added the rows of postage stamps that came off a shipping envelope. I stamped the ladies and the quote, and then needed to figure out what to do with the right side of the page. First I tried cutting up some red doily hearts, which were too red, so then I painted that side pink. That worked, but the page was still unfinished, so I found these yellow flowers in my stash and added them. At that point I decided the page was done.
So I have stripes and a postage stamp pattern which means this page is another one I am linking up to Art Journal Journey. There's still a few days to play along if you are so inclined before the month wraps up.
Hope to see you at  Art Journal Journey and hope you are having a good week also.

Monday, September 23, 2019

T Stand for the Wright Museum, Part 1

Happy Tuesday and T Day everyone. Time to share our drink related photos once again, and the last time for September too. Next Tuesday will be October 1, and I'll be at the halfway point of the first quarter at school. Boy this month is going a lot faster than usual for me. Maybe it is flying for you also.
Stop by    Bleubeard and Elizabeth's blog  to join the T Day fun!

So last Saturday was Smithsonian Free Museum Day in the US. I want to thank Elizabeth for introducing this to me because it has gotten my husband and I out to visit some of our local museums in the past couple of years. 
This year's choice was my husband's pick, and I must admit  I wasn't very excited about it.
  The Wright Museum is in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, which is town next to where we live. It was convenient because my mother-in-law lives in that town, so the plan was that we would drop the dogs off with her while we visited the museum, and then go back to enjoy what would most likely be the last summery weekend weather  of the year.  She lives on a small lake, so after looking at the tanks and the jeeps, we could go take a quick dip in the lake to cool off  and have some dock time to relax and just enjoy being outside.
I thought any museum with a tank coming out of its building and called the World War II museum has to be a military museum right? 
I should have looked it up on the internet instead of making an assumption because although the museum does have an exhibit about military items, it is mostly about life in the US during the years of 1939-1945.
And it has lots of cool things.
Here's a few.

You'll have to excuse the lighting issues. Below is looking into the Time Tunnel, which brought you through each of the years with exhibits.

I took lots more photos, even of the military items. I enjoyed seeing things my parents had spoken of,  as my mom was a young teenager during those years, and my Dad (as well as 2 uncles) served during the war. My Dad and one uncle especially loved to tell us their war stories, and now as an adult I can understand the adventures they had as well as how frightening it must have actually been. (My Dad worked with Army intelligence in Asia and my Uncle flew bombing raids over Germany from England with the RAF. ) 
Anyhow, enough of me babbling. I have more photos to share another day but first I need my drink photo for T Day, so here some from the museum.

Thanks so much for joining me on my museum visit this week. 
Have a good day!