Saturday, October 31, 2009


Spooky times ahead. Its the day when darkness brings ghosts, goblins and witches...many other creatures.
Hope its safe and happy one for you.
Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 30, 2009

My Baby is 18 today

Katie and Dave outside the Hard Rock Cafe in San Francisco. Its Katie's favorite place to visit and she collects the pins.

More pictures from out trip to California last summer.

My one and only is 18 today. Wow. I remember the day she was born SOOOOO clearly. How fast the times have gone, but how FANTASTIC they have been. I'm home on a personal day from school making her a super cake-3 tiers-will show pictures of my attempt (I am not a cake decorator but have been having fun with this) another time. We will be celebrating in the Nelson's tonight-first Dave's 49th and now my baby's 18th.
Happy Birthday Kate- I love you super duper amounts.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Baking begins

Here's another Halloween tag- wanted the girl tobe ghostly so I stamped her with Staz-On on acetate and glued her down. Think it worked like I wanted it to. Most of these stamps are by Oxford Impressions except the little sunflowers which I stamped in black just to look dead-very dead and the little stars.
Tonight the birthday cake baking begins-cupcakes for Dave tomorrow and then the big one for Katie since she'll be 18 on Friday. Time does fly by very quickly. Oh life too, but don't get me going on the approaching the half century mark-there's still time.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Need a second job

Here's another tag I made to celebrate the 31st. You can't see how I put Diamond Glaze in the door's window paines very well, but up close it looks pretty neat. I also have one goopy star, but still, the glitter glue there adds a lot I think.
So this has been SUCH AN EXPENSIVE month-I am broke. Katie's birthday, Dave's birthday, My mom's party, just life in general. And I don't get paid until next week. Think I need to get a second job OR sell all my rubber stamps on eBay to make a bit of extra cash. Dreaming of my Feb. vacation...dreaming of an infusion of big bucks, ha! like that's going to happen. November is going to be CHEAP month.
A poor little bird hit my sliding door an hour ago and its still laying there on its back, but its breathing. I don't know what to do, if I should turn it over...poor thing. Its making me so sad. I am such a softy.
I wish I could help the bird. I wish I could be away right now...I've gone from my nesting hibernation mode into travel mania...but I'm ok hanging home and being a nester, hibernater, but I want to plan a vacation for Feb. and what's really holding me back is cash. Like I said, I need a second job or something so I can travel as much as I want to and still do all these pre-college expenses...what's it gonna be next year when she's in school? I know, I'm grateful for what I have- a good job, a stable home, a great family, and some great vacations under my belt. Oh, sometimes life does test you, doesn't it?

Monday, October 26, 2009

International food tasting

Thanks to the website for this photo above and for some info. I have an Indonesian girl at school and I have been able to try all kinds of interesting food this quarter. Today she brought me the snack at the bottom-DAIFUKU- or red bean cake.They are a Japanese treat, but I've never tried them. The inside it a sweet red bean paste and the green covering is a stretchy chewy rice covering. I liked it a lot, but it was very different from anything I've ever had. These are another tasty treat she brought in called Martabak manis-yummy- check out this website for a recipe. These are a little more in my realm of sweets since they are more cake life, but still they use coconut milk and they're yummy. It fun to try these foods, makes me feel so much more international. Plus its interesting you can have a sweet treat made from veggies and is still healthy. Interesting concept to my westernized mind.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Beautiful Sunday

And its a beautiful day- sunny, fallish, the leaves are full of color and some trees are bare. Yesterday it poured and was plain dreary-but Dave and I went to Nashua on a shopping blitz, some Christmas gifts, Katie's birthday gift,  lots of stocking up on food and cleaning supplies. We had a fun day-got our costumes for the party next Saturday night. So that makes today a cleaning day...bring in the wool sweaters and take out the last of the summer clothes, doesn't end. I could clean for a week straight and I don't know how much difference it would make. So probably no or very little studio time for me today....that's ok. Need to get photos ready so I can do Mom's album, another holiday gift under the belt once that is done. Watching the Pats, they're in London and after the Star Spangled Banner they sang God Save the Queen. That was cool- and I love London.
Oh well, enjoy what's left to the weekend.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Green goo

Love How I can do so much more with this enhanced blogger website. Like make my photos larger-got to love it.
Here's another tag for the season.
So tonight I have been beading- which is something I don't do very often. Gained some skills, but a bit frustrated with my results...I just can't yet see what to put together so I have to try it and then decide if it works-which it usually doesn't. It'll come with practice, but was hoping for a new necklace to wear tomorrow. Oh well.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Today's Tag

Here's my latest Halloween tag- a ghostly brew. I get a few minutes more at home this morning- love it-though it truly is only a few minutes its so nice not to have to rush into the kids for 7:30. But don't worry, tomorrow I'm right back into the routine.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Latest read

I finished the Sookie Stackhouse book #6-Definately Dead-I think my favorite to date- back on Sunday and started this novel called the Gargoyle that has been sitting on my nightstand since late May. Although I'm only 60 pages into this novel, its caught my attention-definately so since the main character is not someone I'd be attracted to and since the story so far is a bit unique. But I want to keep reading to see what happens next-the writing is very good and does that to you. haven't read any reviews on the book, so not sure why it has a 4 star on Amazon...but that's ok. Don't want to ruin my read. Don't want to say too much, but so far it gets high marks. Lets see how it progresses.
Check out this link for Bookseer too. I found it on Bookgirl's Nightstand blog, and its fun though not always the most diverse list.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Typical Monday

Another Monday-busy at work, sun shining and some nice temperatures, did a bit of scrapping when I got home after my nap-boy did a 45 minute snooze hit the spot. Feeling a bit paranoid right now-for the last few days at work- a weird vibe is buzzing-am I being perceptive or just being overly tuned in to there's someone out to get me, but I don't know who, how or why. Maybe just the time of year...its spooky time as the leaves all turn and fall-here's another tag I've made...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Answer to the weather question

Snow flurries, but luckily nothing has stuck to the ground. (Check out the Pats game down in Foxborough-they are white! Good thing this storm stayed a bit south of us here in NH)
and I really don't like this tag very much (But I do love the word, part of a big set of 7Gypsies stamps I recently bought), but here it is anyhow.

Will it snow?

Another tag for today. Trying to decide if it needs anything more.
Very dark outside and cold- they say either rain or snow-which will it be?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A howling night

Yes!!!!!! Some art. Wow!!!!! Been making some Halloween tags and this one of my favorites. The skeleton stamp is by Tim Holtz, the graveyard and stars and spiders are by Inkadinkado and solar system by Stampa Rosa and the words are by Nick Bantock. Spooky.

So speaking of spooky. Was out in my hot tub just awhile ago and some coyotes started howling... wow. Was a little worried about my 2 cats who were still out but got them in, it helps its pretty chilly out there-still. Haven't heard the coyotes here for awhile, and wasn't expecting them...even harley was out on a sniff craze. I heard once that if you have a dog and they pee around the edges of the yard as their territory it keeps the coyotes away...but not sure. I mean they weren't that close...but wow- it is a cool experience and being close to nature is really easy to do here in my neck of the woods in New Hampshire. One thing I love about living here. I've had bear on my back deck (in the bird feeder) and moose in the back yard...owls in trees outside the front!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

October 15th is

1-My 21st wedding anniversary. Still love you big guy!
2- A very cold day with a high of about 40 degrees!
3-The first weather forecast I have heard for snow this season-tomorrow morning. Oh no, not so soon!
4-Thursday night, Project Runway night. Will I make it or will I be watching it on recorded moded tomorrow after work?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


We're having November weather-suppose to be in the 20's tonight-BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR-days are chilly- glad I took out some warmer clothes last weekend, I've needed them. Some years October is still pretty warm, but this whole week is NOT going to be there, at least from what they're saying. Katie said she even had snow flurries yesterday at school (we aoided that at the coast) and I know they had snow up north. I hope Leo's fur is going to keep him warm enough-that is he'll be back in and want to snuggle up in bed, if the dog doesn't beat him to it first.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Crisp Monday Holiday

2 of my cuties- Harley above and Leo below.

Got to love these long weekends. Although I didn't make as many Halloween tags today as I planned- or at least not so far into today, I spoke with my old college roomate for a long time and got my paint for tiny chest of drawers project (though next weekend I should plan on painting it) and much for a wild and crazy weekend but I had a great low key weekend. And that was really ok with me...still so many things I could have done but that's ok too. As I said before- I am in this stay home domestic kind of place right now-my mode when days get cooler and shorter...but you just have to go with it and find peace with it and be happy with it because its what you for me its fun to get back into cooking and knitting and wearing my Happy Columbus Day to all of you. (And to Mom-happy 80th and to my nephew Josh- happy 17th.)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

so much for weekend potential

Here's my backyard yesterday morning. Fall is really here-and I really like this view.
These pretty chrysanthenums are on my deck...they look beautiful

And will this be the last rose of summer in my garden? I think this photo is stunning with the dew drops on the petals. Need to crop it.

So this weekend's potential scale...
More like weekend lounger...reading my book...eating (oh the squash lasagna was A+++++)...doing some scrapping...morning walks in the crisp air....taking a nap. This is day 2 of my domestic diva mode, though today is definately more domestic put your feet up day....really want to get some yarn to do some knitting and first get my scarf finish...oh, but yes, that's what long weekends can be for...catch up a bit before the next week starts rolling along. Glad I have tomorrow off, maybe get a few things done or maybe relax or maybe even go out far- this weekend is A+

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Domestic Diva Potential

Here's an old photo I came across today. Traveling into the evening- the full potential ahead. The future is a bit fuzzy, but, still, you want to get there. I hope you do at least.
So today-in the weekend and no set plans. Today was domestic day at home, except for a trip to the grocery store-but that's still pretty domestic. Walked this morning, was warm but still a bit unsettled out. Started reading Definately Dead, book 6 of the Sookie Stackhouse novels because I've been dieing to read more of this series and decided to put all the other books I'm reading aside and trying to read the whole book this weekend. Lets see if that happens. Scrapped some today, cleaned a bit, put away my real summery clothes and took out some winter pants for work, so I can rinse them and be ready when I need to since this weekend is a kind of changeover for us usually. Not that it will be bitter cold, but you get past the sandel wearing season mostly. And if it chills down and I need to go to work, I need to be ready. Its cooling down tonight, I even had a fake log a blazing in my fireplace-first of the season and its great. Made Pastistico (is that spelled right?) for dinner-waiting for people to get home since I've mostly been alone all day. Also made a butternut squash lasagna which is baking and I'll eat during the week since no one else will eat squash here. Spent 90 minutes cooking in the kitchen this evening-what a domestic diva I can be. Never made this lasagna before-its good mozzerella cheese and amaretto cookie crumble for flavoring the squash. Let you know if I like it.
Anyhow- still a lot of weekend potential left...let's see what it brings.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Long weekend

Yeah!! Long weekend. I am very excited about this, though I don't know what I'm going to do-tonight I am alone and waiting for Katie-well, kind of...just caught last night's Project Runway and now watching an episode of Bourdain. Its a dreary night, a bit of rain, went out for a margarita after work and got home just past 6, but that works well for me. Dave's out -down the Cape working tomorrow- Katie's off to take her SAT's and then going with her boyfriend, me, all alone, well, if I don't count my critter babies. So do I scrap all day, clean, go for a drive and take photos of the folliage, maybe go buy some yarn, (can you tell its fall, knitting kind of stirs you)? What to do? But the possibilities are there and I love those possibilities. Love them. Brought down Definately Dead to read because I'm anxious to get back into that series. Still plan on finishing The Scent Trail. Should read more of Pride Prejudice and Zombies, but decided what I don't care for about that book so far- and I'm not too far into this book, it too much like the Jane Austen novel with just zombies thrown in. Still hoping to pick it up sometime soon and see something else happen. Its not a hard read.
Anyhow, though we haven't lost that many leaves as in the photo above (this is a photo from last year), you can see Mr. Leo stalking in his back yard. What a cat!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall is here-can it be that time already?

Looking out my windows! Well, though its hard to believe its really getting colorful already, we are coming into a long Columbus Day weekend within a few days.
So though I haven't finished my perfume read, I started reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Kind of a fun read and in some ways real tough for me to swallow since I love the original so much. Let me see how its goes. I think its fun to challenge yourself reading something a bit out of your ordinary, but since its coming down into Halloween season, not a bad time to read it.
Anyhow, I need to get some photos of my latest scrapping on my Paris/London book (yes from last Feb's trip) and need to get photos of my Halloween project I finished-maybe this weekend will do that for you...and give me some items to post.
Till then.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Latest Read

Here's my latest read-its pretty good, not as good as I hoped it would be, but still a worthwhile read. The author travels around the world to see how perfumes get produced...I'm not a huge perfume person but its very interesting. I guess my 2 complaints are- 1-I feel like I'm still missing something about the making of perfume as I read, like I'm suppose to know something already and 2-I wish it would get a bit more personal and talk a bit more about her travels to these areas and not just visiting the rose processing factory or the perfume makers in Grasse-for examples. But I guess that's the theme of this book, eh?
So tomorrow I go to see a guest lecture in Nashua on DNA and genetics- I've seen this man before and he's very, its a little change of pace- can you tell I've been back to school for a month now and even though I'm really enjoying my year so far I am getting ready for a change of pace...can't wait for the long Columbus Day weekend coming plans but that's ok too.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The surprise party

A memory lane poster I made for the party.

Aren't I silly?

Mom did pretty good blowing out her candles. But the kids bought and put 80 on her cake!

There they are- putting on those 80 candles.

Here's a few photos from the surprise 80th birthday party we had yesterday for my Mom. Boy was she surprised, didn't think we had her fooled so much but she walked into the room and stopped dead in her tracks. I'm really glad it went that well- but right now I feel broke and my bank account is a real disaster. I'm ashamed how bad my account looks right now. I am a money loser, man, think its really time for a second job. Well, party costs, timing belt on my car, bills...eeks. Life is over for me spening money wise until I pay off a few bills.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Vacation Planning

Time to start planning probably our last family vacation before Katie leaves for college-thinking of going away over Feb. school vacation for a week of hopefully sunshine and more spring like weather than we'd have here in northern New England. Borrowed these photos from a website: since this is where I am thinking of us going-Portugal. I am thinking of doing something a bit different this time, renting a house out in the country but near Lisbon in the area called Sintra as the city is high on my list to do but having a place I can sit in the (hopefully) sun and relax sounds excellent also. Also, want some ocean, so I can walk the beach- something I love to do!! And its a bit exotic...which I want. You know, it will be tough knowing Katie will be off to college in the fall and me- the week after school break-I will be turning the BIG 50. Want a little adventure...something a bit exotic. If I had 2 weeks off I'd go to Hawaii or if I had more time I'd go to New Zealand or some place like that but I don't, so this seems like a very good choice to me. Have any of you been there? I know quite of few people that went and liked it there.
So today it RAINED, but that was good since I cleaned a bit and then worked on a big double posterr of old photos for my Mom's party tomorrow. Katie's off to her homecoming dance, and tomorrow we'll have to get off early...but should be fun. Let's hope we managed to keep it a surprise for just another 15 hours.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

OK more time away

OK, this is just a quick mini complaint-having a busy week- last night I was so beat I feeel asleep before 9-all the fresh salt air I guess, and no studio time- its bugging me a bit because I'm not happy when I don't get at least a bit of studio time...because of being tired or running around and like tonight- parents night at school- I know, I shouldn't complain, its MINOR, and I ralize that but I just needed a minute to unload....thanks for listening.