Wednesday, January 28, 2009

snow day AGAIN

More snow-5th snowday this winter and its still January. Did a bunch of scrapping for awhile-more London pages. Hope to finish up those pages before we leave for our next trip. I just take too many pictures-but love playing with my camera. Just makes a lot of photos to scrap...but my trips are well documented. Also started setting up my journal for the trip in 3 1/2 weeks...not done with that yet. Took a nice nap today which I needed (had to go get Dave's broken down car at 11:00 last night- it was trip 2 in the rescue mode-but glad we managed to get his car home and now we just need to get the alternator fixed-more cash...ugh plus we had a cat fight this morning and a dog who needed light to get upstairs) and watched a movie A Good Year it was called. Not bad.

So tomorrow is work day for me- new classes started Friday. Katie started new classes Monday...hard to believe we are in the second half of the year already and in a couple more days, it will be February. Katie and I are talking about a trip to LLBeans Sunday- I want some new jeans for my trip and my mom told me in the latest catalogue they have the ones I love...and got my catalogue today and it looks like they do have them-yeah! Got my Martha Stewart border punch that I wanted at Michael's yesterday too- its punched out hearts-been looking for it for a bit...I played with it a bit too and its great. I'm hooked lately on, fun, fun!

Monday, January 26, 2009

a stamping idea

A few more pages of my scrapbook from London.
Playing around with a sheet of rubber stamps I am designing-my idea midnight madness.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Today's revalation

Sunday night...another weekend whizzed was sunny blue and a bit chilly but Katie and I went out for a some new shirts at TJ Maxx-really for the trip-need to decide which I'm going to keep...starting to make my journal for the trip...want to drop 5 pounds...just least to start but 5 right now-before the trip...did my graes finished too...exams tomorrow and Tuesday- you know-right now it seems work is getting in the way of my life...of course I need to work to keep my life and I actually like my work...just in a restless phase...probably because its winter and it keeps me inside and I haven't done much art lately...either no time OR moseso, me just being a couch potato in hibernation mode...but today hibernation mode is starting to go away- I can feel it...and that is a good feeling because although its wonderful to be so cozy and laid back about it all its time to jump up and get moving again. I think.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back to Scrapping

Back to scrapping London photos after a holiday hiatus. Got really frustrated with one page I was trying to do so I actually trashed it and started again. None of these are that page though as it isn't finish. I love those Province letters by Technique Tuesday in the page directly above this paragraph.
Cold again! Will it ever be warm again?
Saw 2 excellent movies this weekend- saw Frost-Nixon yesterday and Gran Torino today. Can't believe how crowded Gran Torino was...barely a seat left in the theatre.
Four weeks from now we'll be back in London for a couple of days before we head off to Paris. I'm getting very excited!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Another week is clipping along, not too fast, not too slow either. And fair weather since our last snow- that is good.
Tonight is a night to relax. I did a bit of bring on a smile reading and now I'm watching one of my favorite films, I have shown you above. Last year it was Irish films if I remember correctly, this year? Well its a good time of year for watching movies that touch you or make you think or even better, take you away. The way the film Amelie looks is sooooo appealing.
Dave's been working crazy hours this week-probably the next few weeks Katie's exams are finished, I'm still doing the wrap up with my students til exams next Monday. Then we're into Feb. Vacation. Spring getting closer.
So this book says name the today. Today should be trying to refocus- getting back into reality which I have just been skimming the surface of since back to school. Like the ice on a lake-me skating....I washed my car today and though the inside is full of sand and dog paw prints the outside looks great instead of the scum and dirt covered wagon it was this morning.
New president this week which is very exciting! Imagine going to Washington to be a part of the excitement. And now more George Bush-thank goodness. What an exciting week in that aspect.
Made a few more tags-dreaming about reorganizing my studio-a favorite advocation of mine...doing a bit of cleaning out...playing...someday I will learn to love just what I have but I do think I'm getting better and better at it every day.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Its ghost show night-Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International-my latest tv addictions. I go through phases. And I'm bad- I haven't read the book I started in 2 weeks. 2 Weeks! Me, I read all the time. Actually feel like I haven't had much free time even though I've been cooped in with snow or bitter cold...been a bum...having a hard time with winter this year-but you know that. Between school work, helping Katie get ready for her semester exams and being a bum...a bit of art...housework...and, to break me out of this slump I am back into vacation research for when we go away...time is flying by til we go and I cannot wait. This photo is from back before Christmas- now its covered with snow except for a bit of the top of head...ah, winter.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

5 weeks from now

we shall be exploring and having a (hopefully) wonderful adventure! Thanks to all the web-sites and blog where I borrowed photos-I can't wait- I love to travel and visit new place- and old places I love.
Got about 14 inches of snow today-made some Valentine's Day tags-superb tags if I may say so, photos will follow soon. Tomorrow we're off the for holiday too-yahoo- got some things to do in the afternoon and I'd love another day to hang at home but it will be ok to go out and about-have my whole morning at home anyhow...which will be wonderful!

Inspiring myself

More snow, but its Sunday and its warmer (like 20s) versus the bitter cold of the other day. So I'm going to go work on out the eliptical, vac the basement laundy room and then do ART! Can't wait. These I made quite awhile back, but I'm posting them to inspire me.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Another cold one

So this morning- my car thermometer said -25 degrees. Yes, negative 25. BRRRRR.

Katie and I went to see Bride Wars and on our way home it was down to 7. Think it can be that cold again tomorrow morning?

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I hate to say it- but can it get any colder? I have been in true HIBERNATION mode-no art, no reading, lots of tv and sleeping...Plus, I've been paying lots of bills and have NO money...but feels good to get some of these bills paid off...Plus, stopped at Michael's for a new heart edge punch by Martha Stewart and they didn't have any out yet...did win some stamps on eBay- a huge set of new stamps that no one bid on...will probably sell a lot of them later on back on ebay because there were several I don't need-but there were some of those Cornish heritage Farm background stamps that I love...
Stay warm!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Slipping into the Deep Freeze

Its suppose to get VERY cold tomorrow and get even colder as the week goes by. Below 10 by FRiday. BRRRR. Nothing much to do other than read, and wear my fleece. Takes your energy away. I must say I feel better than yesterday-perkier, but dreading this cold. I need something to shake me out of this, a roadtrip, a vacation (5 1/2 weeks), switch classes...something! Only if its so cold this long weekend ahead I will be hibernating, which is pretty much where I'm at right now.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Blah, blah, blah

That's me today. Couldn't get super motivated at work, though I managed. Came home and had a cranky child...tonight, I'm about as motivated as as if I was sound asleep. Watching a recorded episode of Ghost Hunters- I am sooooo into these Ghost shows right now-why? So I made Katie her chips and cheese for dinner- but wasn't much what I wanted but that's ok because that's what a mom does. Still hungry though. Dave's away for the night in N. Adams, MA for tonight I'll be sharing the bed with either a 90 pound dog or a 20 pound cat...and its cold, I'm tired...glad I'm going away in 6 weeks...winter is really getting to me. Anyhow, its Monday night which could be why I'm so beat.
(Oh yeah, my mother-in-laws party was fantastic and went really well and yesterday it snowed and so I cleaned and finished the holiday scrapbook...paying for it today being so beat!)

Friday, January 9, 2009


OK, I am a geek. Don't always like myself for that either. I came from very BORING families...too white bread...and I don't want to be like them but I am. I'm not a big party girl. I'm not a big goth or unusual person. I'm a homebody and I like to be home ALTHOUGH I love to go here and there as you who read this know. I don't have nor want a tattoo. I'm hurt when people say I'm domestic. I don't want to be this-I want to be this exciting interesting person people rememebr and want to talk to. I don't fall into either of those catorories. So why this chatter? I am reading this book. Its interesting- I love the photos and the blog style reading is cool. Some sections are more interesting than others, but its eyecatching and making me feel like the homebody I am is ok. (Yes, Friday night and I'm drinking red zinger tea and in about 3 layers of fleece including my bathrobe...its cold dammit, and waiting for another of my latest obsession on tv Ghost hunting shows to come on the travel channel at 9. If I wasn't such a geek I'd be out dancing and drinking and partying with the rest of the world, right?)

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Yes, I am ready for bed and it's only 8:15- but I decided I am also tired of the cold, the snow and the dark. Oh spring, where are you?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009



Having a very hard time getting back into the swing of work. Not work-that's ok, but man its tough to wake up, but I can do it, but the worst is at night, I am such a slug and just want to sleep.

Monday, January 5, 2009


I'm exhausted tonight. Hard enough to get up but Harley kept waking up up last night and then it was icing which woke me up, and then it was 5 a.m. and time to get up. School wasn't bad, just felt like a long day getting back into the swing of things- it was a typical first day after vacation. A few weeks til the quarter will be half way through the school year- another little milestone. Anyhow- just a photo of my dish cabinet- homey, January-ish, I'm in the winter nesting mode right now.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Impending doom

Ok, this morning when I wrote back to work was still a day away but now the holidays are officially winding down and to have to get up at 5 a.m. (EEKS- did I even say that?) and restart life...dreadful. Sunday night...its the end of vacation.


Wow, hard to believe its January 4th! Where did my week of vacation go to? Had a wonderful week- got a lot done but not all. Did not yet start building my T rex model nor have I put my pictures onto my digital frame. And, I spent only a few hours Wednesday working on my holiday today
1- we start the exercise routine (or at least do some)
2- got to clean off my ironing board where I tend to put items as I work on them so the holiday book needs some work
3-Katie wants me hem some long items she got (tough being short)
But its been a great week- went to 3 movies and saw several on DVD. (Marley and Me was a good sob but Valkyie was good too)- cleaned my house from top to bottom once the Christmas items went back into boxes, had a great shopping day yesterday-spent too much money but Absolutely Everything was having a big pre-inventory sale and Katie found some items in Old Navy and we both found items at the GAP outlet and then my shoes at TJMaxx...some new clogs I've been looking for...what a blast!
So its been a great week-must adit another one would be great right now vacation-we're off to London and Paris-yahoo!

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Wow- its 2009. So I have started this year off on a great foot- I finished my book (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) that was execllent and I wanted to finish and Dave and I cleaned up the holiday decorations and I cleaned and put up some new curtains I've only had in the closet in August and I did a good cleaning out of the dust on the beams and the house looks great and its only Thursday...babble, babble, babble.
It is extrememly cold today-with a terrible wind chill. Last night we went to party at some friends here in town and they had a big bonfire in the COLD. It was a lot of fun even though I didn't know a lot of people there. Was fun to smooze though. Actually played Wii for the first time too. My mom is really sick too, don't know if I need to go down there tomorrow or not...ready to kill her since she should have gone to the drs Monday before she got so sick. Grrrr. Anyhow, love it that my house is clean and I have off right through Sunday...
OK, resolution time:
1-clean the clutter
2-pay off some bills
3-do something arty once a month besides working in my studio-like sending out something or doing a swap and a class...
4- lets see what else comes up....