Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Day on the Water

A busy morning-in fact a very busy day until late, but I want to share a few whale watch photos with you-yes!!!! We went out today and it was a gorgeous day- not too cool-well, just needed a light fleece (for this late in September too)- and we saw whales, many pretty close-both fin whales and humpback whales. Was an A+++++++ day! Unfortunately several kids weren't feeling too well...all the rolling the boat did...but the day did improve as time went by...I loved it!!! Knock on wood, and I shouldn't say this, but I've never yet been sea sick...guess I'm just a water person...a Pieces at that....that's me!

And then when we came back into the harbor, I snapped a few other shots...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Double Yawn Wednesday

Its humid this morning, feels very hot. And I'm super tired...ready for it to be Friday. Not sure if our whale watch is on...depends on the ocean conditions...but I'm packing and going as planned and if we cancel today...well then I'm at school all day. Not that its horrible...but I realy want to go!
Here's a few histomatic shots I snapped last Sunday while Dave hooked up the boat trailer just before we pulled the boat home. I had a great shot with a propeller which I thought I snaped...but then I guess I didn't. I hate when that happens

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yawn again

A rainy morning-suppose to rain all day. I just hope it stops before tomorrow since we're suppose to be going on a whale watch-and I really want to go! Keep you're fingers crossed.
I really wish I had an unlimited cash supply for craft items and for travel...just a random comment-and I've been blessed to have all that I have, but the temptation is so strong right now-new holiday supplies...the urge to go away...I have so much I shouldn't even say that but had to say it... I'm tired this morning and not feeling like working...but I will manage as always.
This card didn't photograph as good as it looks in person. Maybe because the blue background on the sky didn't show up very well...but its a fun little card...I love the crow scarecrow...its from an Inkadinkado set...and pumpkin is an older Hero Arts stamp...the grass CHF and the cornstalk is that same one I showed yesterday which I think is Stampendous....
Happy Tuesday...its nerd day for spirit week today...should be easy for me...since I'm very nerdie...just throw on my lab coat and go...

Monday, September 27, 2010

with one stamp

Three cards with the same saying-doing my own version of one item from Stamper's Sampler- similar but different! Not suree which one I like best. That's what's great about stamps, just how you can make so many different things from the same stamp. And these are just cards.
The saying is Hero Arts. Top card, pumpkins are Inkadinkado and the cat is Craft Secrets. The haystack I think is an older Stampendous's something I won used a few years ago on eBay. The middle card-the pumpkins are Hero Arts (love how they're big) and the background/leaves are CHF. And this bottom card is lots of Kim Hughes stamps by CHF and stars/moon by Inkadinakdo.  I put the faces on all the pumpkins.
YAWN! I'm once again not ready for another week. spirit week at school so its a week that just gets crazier as it goes on. But I will manage...and it should be a good week. The last few days of though Labor Day seems so so long ago. I like October a lot, but its a busy wedding anniversary...a long weekend coming....lots to look forward to.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The difference a day makes

Today's its cloudy and cool. Yesterday sunny, hot (like 88) and humid. We had a WONDERFUL day at UNH- went to half the football game (then it got SO hot), had lunch in the cafe and then we got to see Katie's classrooms. Was FUN. Then she came home with us and we'll bring her back later today and then go retreive our boat and bring it home for the WINTER. Yesterday it didn't seem like it could possiblely be that time of year already, and then today, it really seems it. The boat needs to be out of the marina by next weekend-but we just keep it dry docked in the field and put it in and out as we use it so it'll be pretty easy to move home.
So these cards are simple but fun. Sometimes, simple is GOOD. Its certainly easy to quickly whip up some cards when you don't play around with all the background design. All images are from an Alpha Stamp set and the words are from 7Gypsies and the dog words are from ???? Can't remember without walking back upstairs to the studio which I'm not going to do. I love the bubble guy!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hot Humid Morning

Feels like August, not September 25!!! I walked really early this morning...about 6:45, just as it was getting light. I've included a few photos using that newest greatest best spent $2.99 toy- the Histamatic app for my iPhone.
Here's another cool photo I took the other night of the full moon.

Took it on my iPhone too...and it came out pretty amazing I think.
So this is parent's weekend at UNH-we're heading down to see Katie, maybe do the football game...maybe not...I bet it'll be crowded. Then Katie's coming home with us! I'm so excited.

And this card is what its all about right now!
Love the Fall!

Friday, September 24, 2010

You MUST watch this movie

Wow- showed this to my ecology  class today based on another teacher's recommendations. Now I am on my soapbox. Save the dolphins. Don't visit dolphin shows...make a stink. Thousands are needlessly dieing! I learned so much from this's worth a watch. Highly recommended!

YES! Its Friday!

Yes, its Friday. Finally, though it really wasn't a long week...but busy...I just want to have some sleep ins...this getting up gets old after a couple of days...
Anyhow, a couple of tea party cards...I prefer the bottom one because I think the tea cup on the top card looks messy...trying to get it to look more like a real teacup...but I don't think it really worked...
so anyhow, once again I fell asleep right before they announced the winner and who was kicked off project was a lazy night last night and that's more of less my plans when I get home today. This weekend, parent weekend at UNH...will go for a bt and then Katie's coming home for a night...YEAH!
Happy Friday all-

Thursday, September 23, 2010

a walk on the beach

No, I didn't play hookey from work yesterday...but I had a few hours after work before my book club began...and it was a gorgeous day yesterday-almost hot but about 10 degrees cooler right at the shore. And it only takes like 20 minutes to get up to York, Maine from work...and years ago when I was young  and a 25 year old teacher starting at my job-I lived there-had a winter rental very near the beach...back in my 20's.... but here's some more Histamatic photos of my little afternoon adventure...
Yes, it was pretty crowded there-lots of retired folks...of course it was 3:30 by the time I arrived. Then I took the very short drive over to a favorite lighthouse- Nubble Light. Its on a little island and there's a wire pulley that you can bring things back and forth...the island is not walkable, even at lowtide-as it was lowtide when I was there yesterday.
I tell you, I do love where I live because I'm just a few minutes to the lakes and mountains and I can be at the ocean in an hour. New Hampshire is a beautiful place!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fall arrives Today

Its the first day of fall, though I don't know what time it begins. (Weather just said its during our overnight and tomorrow is the first full day-11:09 tonight it changes). Its amazing in just the past couple of days how much the leaves are starting to turn. The nights are cooler too...but today is suppose to be nice and warm-but it always cools back down at night. So here's another histamatic how its kind of fuzzy and looks like its on fabric. Most trees have not turned this much but here's an early turner.
Here's a couple of fun fall cards- I am loving the Kim Hughes stamps I bought when CHF closed down this summer. They are VERY versatile and interchangable, as you can see. I've made a bunch of cards using them lately...but as you can see they're also fun for making cards for all the off to college kids...not baby but fun for them...and not too old for them either. But any age can enjoy these.
So tonight I have bookclub at 5, am planning on going....we're going to Newwicks to sit with a water its convient for all us, those who live in Portsmouth and those of us who live out of town so to speak. Right near the highway for getting home. Ands it suppose to be nice, so if its not showery I may go walk the beach before I go...lets see where this afternoon brings me.
Enjoy this day! Hump day as they say!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Decadent Night

I am home ALONE tonight except for my animal entourage. Dave is out of town on business and Katie is of course off to college. And, I got home early as I needed to go to the drs about my strange torso rash (ugh!) which I am not talking about except to say this cream had better work. But, its been a decadent night. I had a half an hour to wait for the cream for the rash at the pharmacy so  I took a drive (with Harley who was with me) over to Merrymeeting Lake. It was SOOO quiet there. Feels like it was summer or I was miles away from my regular daily routine and it shook me right out of the after work I'm tired mode.You can see a couple of the many photos I took playing with my iPhone Histamatic-which I am loving to play with. Then after the pharmacy I stopped for a coffee frappe, which was YUMMY as it was a very nice afternoon, not too warm but not bad at all. Then I came home and put on my pj's at 4:30 (my normal get home time too!)which is really decadent since who puts on pjs at that hour unless its the dead cold of winter. But who would see me since I am home alone? And I am SOOOO comfy! Then I spent a bunch of time working on my journal and photos from last summer's vacation which I haven't touched in weeks since I've been so busy making cards for Katie. That was GREAT! ow its only just after 7 and I do need to heat up some soup (I made chicken soup last night and didn't even go into my studio at all) and maybe watch a little tv or read or watch some movie I want to watch...the possibilities on this decadent night are endless.

a little of this and a little of that

Here's a fun simple card. Been finding I like simple cards lately...but that will change. I love how this fish looks like he has SUCH an attitude!
Few more shots from our apple picking adventure to the farm-these above with the Histamatic ap in my iPhone too.
And these not. I love fall- I think its my favorite season because the weather is so much more consistant- usually warmish days and cool nights, and I can wear sweaters-which I love. I must say though that by the time I get home from work-4:30ish, the shadows are lengthening here and the inside of the house is so dark, and its cooler outside...noticed that yesterday...and that one thing I don't care for about autumn...shorter days...and then knowing winter is coming...and in NH winter can last for so LONG.
But its suppose to be sunny and nice today-enjoy!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Apple Picking

Here's some fun photos from when Dave and I went apple picking yesterday morning. I downloaded this COOL Histamatic app for my iPhone which is like old an old Polaroid camera, and these are some fun shots using that. Fresh picked apples taste SOOOO good, and I've also got a bunch of photos to post now...along with my cards...but I like to shake things up a bit.
So yesterday I did a bunch of cooking- made chocolate zucchini bread with the last of my garden squash, I made apple crisp (of course) and also a meatloaf for dinner. YUMMY! PLus I've got some new cards from this weekend to show you...and I'll spare you this weird rash on my body...not sure what it is and hopefully not HIVES, but at least that would be an easier explanation. Whatever it is its got to be because my stress levels are up...with the business of back to school and getting Katie off to school and then getting used to it all...
and then today, we're back into another week of work. I'm just not ready for another week to be honest...just one more day...I wish.