Monday, July 28, 2014

Fish Tales

Just a scribbly journal page today. Sometimes pages look great in person but don't photograph very well. Case in point. But I will share it with you anyhow.
This enlargment of the central fish really came out fuzzy. I wanted to show you the stamp I used from Earth Art. Oh well.
Its a really cool image with lots of smaller images within the larger fish. You can most likely make out the eagle but in the tail there's an orca and there's corn, a mask, salmon eggs and a big turtle with mountains in the middle.
I like fish. I worked for the Maine Cooperative Fisheries while I was studying biology in college. I like to fish. So when we went on our vacation and had some fish experiences (fish hatchery, talking to fishermen, going to a maritime museum, seeing the fish ladders at a dam, eating fresh salmon), I got excited. So I made this page last week.
I wish this page looked better in these photographs though.
Thanks for stopping by today.
Hope you stop back again soon.

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bindu saju said...

Nice! Great textures!