Saturday, July 12, 2014

Owl Be Seeing You Soon

So I leave you with this little beauty of a journal page today. Today it is all about just plain crafty art. LOVE this owl from Stencil Girl products. Its my new stencil! I think they're stencils are kind of pricey but I LOVE owls and this stencil was must have. (I got lucky and my favorite craft store got them in and I snagged the last one off the hook. My friend from North Carolina was with me and just rolled her eyes at me. Of course I was only there because it was too rough to take her out in our boat and she was game for a jaunt down...I'll stop this story right here...)

So today we are off on our summer family vacation. I am so glad my daughter was able to take the time off from her internship to join us- and I may regret saying that since it is hard in some ways to travel with a 22 year old. But not knowing what her job situation will be next summer-and hopefully she'll have a real 40 hour a week engineering job- I am excited to have some quality time with her the way it was before she went off to school, graduated and then moved out to live with her long time boyfriend.
Whoopie Day for me!
So we are first off here:
And then road tripping to several places including here:
I love this stock footage from NBC news. If you can't remember or never heard of the eruption this is a cool archive site.
And also:
Hope it is as pretty as this photo shows.
I know  there will be several other adventures along the way, and I have packed my computer so hopefully I'll have a post or 2 with some photos from my explorations. If not I'll be back in 10 days and will have oodles of new photos to share.
See you soon.

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