Saturday, July 26, 2014

Still Mulling Over What I Saw and Learned

A few more travel photos today.
I love to travel- whether it is my own trip or vicariously through other people.
Do you?
Still processing everything I learned. Learning is such an exciting thing.

This bridge seemed a lot higher than this photo makes it look.  I could only walk out a little bit onto it.
It was scary!
Snapped this from the car and need to crop it down still, but I like this sign. You see a lot of bald eagles in signs out this way. You see a lot of very interesting and cool town signs actually. 
And its fun to play. These nice traveling people were from Massachusetts which is not very far from us here in New Hampshire. My husband decided to join in and play on the balance beam walk.
Sea lion skeleton I came across in a small little building. Kind of a mini-museum. I love making these spontaneous discoveries. Its like art. Every piece is a spontaneous discovery.
Its always a pleasure to see and experience new things. I come back inspired.
Are you inspired today?

(Almost all of these photos are from Whidbey Island outside of Seattle, Washington, except the lighthouse which is on the mainland near the ferry terminal.)

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~Rasz~ said...

Hi Erika! I am totally inspired and feel like I got to go on a virtual vacation with you. Your photos are awesome! Thank you for visiting me so that I was able to see you! I have to say that sea lion skeleton looked like a huge dinosaur! Hard to believe it's a sea lion that we see all over on the coast here in California. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and thank you again for sharing your vacation! Hugs, Rasz