Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Autumn Snapshots

I love fall. I love the colors and the natural changes that happen. I love pumpkins and cornstalks from the harvest. Here in New England old colonial buildings seem to belong to this season. So do the stories of witches and ghosts. You know, scratchy branches on windy nights and all that.

I love this carpet of colorful fallen leaves. Wish I could weave it into a real carpet from wool. 

All these photos are from my Sunday morning walk.  It was crisp and a little breezy, bringing lots of leaves down.

I think there's something rather organic about this season. All the color and then decay. Colder temperatures, hunkering down, and after the summer's heat, it is all so  refreshing. My body is pretty tuned in to nature and it starts to get me in hibernation mode. I'm not there yet, but starting to slow down a bit. Not constantly sleep but ready to do the domestic thing- like cooking- and ready to sit on the couch and read and watch movies. Play in my studio more hours rather than wanting to be outside. Maybe its more cold weather laziness, who knows? This is my week of getting back into socks-time to put the summery Tom's and my sandals away. Don't need frostbitten toes. 
 Funny how in a world so build against nature, I still click with it. Do you?