Tuesday, May 10, 2016

T and Coco

Last week was so grey, wet and raw it didn't feel much like spring. One evening I spent some time playing in my happy place along with a big mug of Hibiscus tea.
I am linking up to this week's   Elizabeth's blog   over at Elizabeth's blog. Since it is T for Tuesday again. Where does time go?
My journal page also has spots, splashes and dots, so I am going to link it up to the new challenge at 
TIOT. It starts today and runs for the next 2 weeks.
And Saturday my daughter took us out to breakfast, and our favorite local breakfast spot was quite crowded. After waiting outside for 10 minutes, (after a 20 minute wait in the car first), I needed something warm. It felt more like March it was so damp and raw. This place has the best hot coco, so I had a mug, with whipped cream. And yes, if this sounds familiar, I have mentioned this coco before.
So I'm keeping this post short today. Lots to do at work.
Actually I'm ready to go back to bed and sleep a few more hours. I've been in this terrible sleep pattern lately. But it is suppose to be sunny and warm today-yahoo.
Have a great T day everyone one.
And I always appreciate you stopping by.


Nancy Chan said...

Hi Erika, I hope the sun will be shining for you soon. We are having more rain but it is still very hot and humid when it is not raining.

Sharon Fritchman said...

I hope you have a sunny and warm day today! I love your photo of the hot-cocoa! I bet it's delicious! And I absolutely love the art journal page you made about the rain! Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment, too. HUGS!!!

Valerie-Jael said...

I LOVE your owl mug, so coooooool! Wonderful journal page, thanks for joining us at TIOT! Hope your weather soon gets better, hugs, Valerie

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I really loved your journal page and was so glad to see it fit both TioT and AJJ.

As your week of rain began, we started to dry out. But last night was another round of hail, tornadoes, and high winds. I worried about my plants being out so soon, but the really severe stuff passed me by. From the projected forecast, it looks like you are in for this weather later in the week. At least most of the hail will be gone by then.

I love that mug and that cocoa looks SO awesome. I don't care if it's a repeat of a mug of cocoa, I think it's perfect for the weather you had. Your favorite restaurant is similar to the one I took Sally to on herb day. Why is it, these holes in the wall are such a favorite with the locals. The customers were lined up outside to get in to eat, at my place, too!

Thanks for sharing your lovely art and your cocoa with us for T this Tuesday.

Linda Kunsman said...

nothing like a good hot cuppa with weather like that. Looks like most of us all down the northeast coast has had lots of rain-us included. Yesterday was sunny but VERY breezy and not good for pollen allergies:( Hoping to plant flowers today. Have a great day at work and a happy T day!

laurie said...

OK,, that mug, that mug, that mug,, lol,,, it is amazing!! Your pages are also amazing,, as always,, you made me want coco now lol,, the frothy cream flowing over the edges of the mug of coco looks so inviting, yummo!!

johanna said...

i wish spring is finding you soon!! we had a wonderful week here, but the next days will be cold and rainy again. well, i don´t want to complain (thinking of the People in Canada...). a hot chocolate can make the difference!
have a great week, erika!

Halle said...

Great journal page and the owl mug is too cute. Glad you enjoyed your overflowing mug of cocoa!
Happy T day!

Dianne said...

I can totally identify with black rain clouds and a hot drink! love your journal page and the beverage photos...the owl mug is adorable. Yes indeed, it does feel more like March (here in Ohio) but I guess I shouldn't be surprised when we had temps that were almost 70F last December. Crazy weather. Happy T Day!

~*~Patty S said...

The Farmer's Kitchen sounds like THE place to be.
What a yummy cup o cocoa!
Your owl mug is wonderful and everything you drink from that must taste good ;-)
Other than lots of green and weeds gone mad in our endless days of rain here in Virginia it has not been very springlike either.
I am not a fan of hot and humid so I am not complaining...
there are plenty of people who are LOL.
Fun and colorful page you created...your lettering is especially cool.
Happy T Day Erika

Lisca Meijer said...

Yes, I remember you showing that mug and even then I thought it was awesome. My mouth waters just looking at the lovely cocoa. We've had some pretty miserable weather here in Spain. I have the heating on again and could really do with a cup of cocoa.
I do hope you sleep well tonight. A disturbed sleep pattern wreaks havoc with your health (and mood). I worked night shift most of my working life and I had a light box to set my body clock and get back into a circadian rhythm. It worked for me.
Thank you for visiting,
Happy T-day,

Meggymay said...

Hi Erika, its a fabulous journal spread, so pleased you have joined us over at TioT;s. The owl mug looks super as does your delicious choice of drinks.
Yvonne xx

jinxxxygirl said...

Erika i haven't had hot cocoa in ages and my goodness that looks yummy. I love a spoonful of marshmallow whip on top of mine... you? Thanks so much for sharing this Tday... I hope you warm up soon... I could send you some heat... We are in the mid 80's today..yuk... I'm a 70's gal.. :) Hugs! deb

Carol said...

Hoping things have warmed up for you !!! I love that mug in the first photo!!!! There is just something about a cup of hot cocoa that can't be beat. Have a good week.

sirkkis said...

Great page on the theme, Erika.
Thank you for sharing it with us at TioT.

Peggi Meyer Graminski said...

Love your journal page! Wonderful splashes and spots abound - great piece =)

pearshapedcrafting said...

Hmmmm! I know what a week of rain is like too - mug of cocoa is a good idea! I love your journal page and so pleased that you joined us at Try It On Tuesday! Hugs, Chrisx

Cazzy said...

Hi Erika, thanks for popping over and leaving a lovely comment. I'm trying to keep my foot up so doing this on the mobile and getting round slowly. Sorry for the delay.I love your owl mug and your journal page.

genie said...

I have to LOVE your Week of Rain. I know just how you feel. And it is not going to end anytime soon. From Wed -Sat next week it is to dump in on us again.Rain, rain go away; Come again another day!

Corrine at corrinegilman.com said...

Great crying clowds! xox

Mrs.B said...

Hi Erika, what a great journal spread and I love your owl mug!
Hope your weather has improved now.
Thanks for joining us at TioT
Avril xx