Monday, September 5, 2022

Another Page for AJJ

Hi everyone. Happy new week to you. And happy Labor Day holiday to you if you live in the US or Canada. I hope if you have the long weekend you are enjoying it.

Today I am sharing another page for Neet's challenge at Art Journal Journey. You can see I am going with feathers today. Neet gave us a choice with her challenge of fur and/or feathers.

My page is made on a smaller piece of blue-grey paper (4x6 inches).  I stamped and colored the eagles;  there are 2, but sadly most of the upper one is covered by my image. I didn't do a great job figuring out what should go where on my page, but it still works.   

I also added some feathers to my background. I colored those in with a white pen. As well as  those feathers, I added lots of marker dots to give my background a bit more interest. The beautiful face is a cut out copy of a stamp I have. I didn't actually stamp the face, but I copied and cut out the sheet that came on the front of the package. It was colored perfectly to fit with my page, so I figured why reinvent the wheel? (Even if it does feel a bit like cheating.)

A reminder that at Art Journal Journey we only accept art journaling pages. Please do not link up photos or art pieces that are not journal pages. Thanks. 

Let me also share a few more photos of the gardens and the grounds at the Mount. Yesterday I showed you the formal flower garden, and in today's photos we head down a tree lined walkway to the other end of the garden. 

Wharton liked a lot of symmetry when she designed the grounds as well as the house, but it wasn't 100% actual symmetry because the other end of the gardens were a bit different.

There had been blooms when the Astilbes were flowering, but when I visited it was mostly green.

This end was more of an enclosed space.

Even though there weren't any flowers blooming, it was still lovely. I can imagine the women in 1905 sitting here in the shade with a good book on a summer afternoon.

I zoomed in but here is the view looking back to the flower garden I shared yesterday.

There are several trails on the grounds to walk, and we decided to walk down towards the beaver pond.

That's all for me today.

Have a great week!

NOTE: Just an FYI  to all of you who stop by.  I have a few scheduled posts for the next week and a half.  My husband is on vacation, and we are heading out to visit some National Parks early tomorrow morning. However, I won't be joining in for T day, Rain's Thursday Art and Dinner Date, Nicole's Friday Face off or Gillena's Lunch break until the middle of the month when I return home. 



Angie's Recipes said...

The garden looks so beautiful! Look forward to some pictures from your visit to National Parks.

CJ Kennedy said...

Pretty page. I don't think using photocopies or tracing is cheating. Nice quote, too. Everywhere you look in the green spaces seems to be a secret garden. I hope you can get out of Dodge before the rains start. Safe travels and have fun on your trip

craftytrog said...

A great feathery page Erika.
Enjoy your holidays.

R's Rue said...

Love your page. The photos are wonderful

Valerie-Jael said...

I love your page, the face is so well done. And you have given us the nature to look deep into with your lovely photos, thanks. Have a lovely vacation, take care, hugs, Valerie

Jeanie said...

This is a fabulous page, Erika. It's terribly arresting the minute it came up on my screen I said, "Nailed it!" Beautiful. I love the detail of the feathers, too. Lovely, lovely work.

Rostrose said...

I really like your page with the native head and the wise Einstein saying. And I like the formal garden too (although a few flowers would certainly be valuable for the bees and butterflies)...
Have a nice Holiday!
All the best in September

The Padre said...

Travel On My Friend - Enjoy Your Alone Time With The Hubs - Soak Up The Atmosphere


Divers and Sundry said...

I can't even imagine what upkeep for those gardens must require!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a fabulous entry for Neet's theme at AJJ. I love the feathers and the birds, even if one is slightly covered. Truly a lovely entry, Erika.

Wharton's grounds are beautiful. I'm a big fan of symmetry, and that may be why I am so taken with the grounds. Thanks for these amazing photos you shared with us. They make me feel like I am there.

Elkes Lebensglück said...

What a wonderful creative art you have come up with.
The garden looks so beautiful, such a pretty place.
I wish you good holiday,hugs-Elke

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I read your comment on the T post. I only asked for ONE first cass stamp from you and Deb, which you both provided. I was SURE the napkins would go for 2 ozs, and thankfully they all did, except for one International letter.

Neet said...

First of all, have a great time whilst away. And secondly thanks for showing us the beautiful gardens and all the examples of perspective therin. What fabulous photos they are.
Love your journal page and I don't think we have to rubber stamp always. I know what you mean about feeling a cheat though as I felt that a bit with my cover page this month. However, it is a fabulous image and so beautifully coloured that I would have just done the same. Beside which I would never have got the skin tone so good as it is in this picture. Love the eagles even though one is partly obscured but it is there and has flown behind the main image, doesn't matter. I love the image itself of the eagle, what a magnificent bird and the loose feathers match in so well.
A Great page.
Hugs, Neet xx

Carola Bartz said...

This looks like such a wonderful place. I would love to walk around there and sit on the bench, reading and listening to the birds.