Sunday, December 23, 2007

Its almost Christmas- and I am CRANKY!

OK, today is the whine day.
I want a day to play and relax.
My dryer died and I am stuck with a wet load of bath sheets and a load of wet jeans.
I need to go to Maine today to visit my in-laws.
Tomorrow I need to go to Mass. to visit my family.
Why does everyone feel they need to see us at Christmas?
I don't get that. But then I'm a cold fish who doesn't want to be alone, but just be with Dave and Katie.
What I really want is a down day.
People here seem to think you should work right up through the 24th but still send cards, buy gifts and wrap them, have a wonderful meal, bake lots of treats, remember everyone on the planet...
I am cranky down deep- never mind my sinuses are killing me and when that happens my jaws, neck and shoulders always get so stiff and sore.
This is not a vacation weekend- this is a weekend of extra work.
Yesterday I had to shop, but I still need a few things like to go to the meat market and get a roast for Tuesday dinner.
I want to stay home and watch Christmas movies.
I want Christmas to be fun again.
I think people have forgotten about what Christmas is and society needs to stop asking so much of us.
I am not enjoying this, no matter how much I try to get myself in a good mood.
And I'm TIRED too.
Right now I say- get this done with. But I'm not sure I really deep down mean this.
But thanks for listening and letting me unload a bit.

Of course, if I just got up and did somethign rather trying to get my act together here...rather than dwelling and complaining...

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