Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Here's an idea I saw on some website I was browsing, and this is my version of it. Getting to know me...
10 years ago I was....37, mom of a 6 year old, still teaching at the high school, wishing for another baby and mad my hubby was in a different place with that situation
7 years ago I was...adopting my puppy Harley, we still had Winnie, is this when I was in grad school for the second time? at UNH?
6 years ago I was...on trip to San deigo with the family, poor Winnie got sick and passed away (miss that Win Bins still to day so much), adopted Emmie the cat
5 years ago I was...thinking my addition was going to get finished, took a trip to Quebec, hmmm, pretty sad I can't remember much more, did we move into the new school that year? what a blur it all becomes
4 years ago I was..on a vacation to the wild west with my favorite family people,
3 years ago I was...we went to DC on vacation, Katie started middle school and got her braces, I loved watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, got my first art published, still was teaching at my present job, my Dad passed away from his heart/lung issues, the Red Sox won the world series and broke the curse, and I went to Atlanta to National Science Teachers Convention,did I got to NC to visit Ina that summer?, taking lots of art classes
2 years ago I was...adopting my cattie-man Leo, went to Italy and did a family fun trip to Disney World in the fall, did I got to Dallas for National Science Teacher's convention?????, taking art classes, was driving a subaru outback
1 year ago I was...on a trip to Chicago, on a trip to Vegas, Bryce, Zion and the Grand Canyon, was still getting published, got my VW, had a daughter who started high school, got her braces off, Dave had his kidney surgery

Time becomes a blur without a reference point, and its hard to get that point often....plus life -my life- is many little things, not big things (which can be a good thing I guess) but sooo rich and full of wonderful gifts that I don't neccesarily stop to put them on a calendar.

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