Saturday, December 8, 2007

I'm back again

OK, Murphy's Law strikes again. Its an expensive time of year and my computer, which was on its last legs, gets a virus and I lose my internet and email. Even though I had to view it with a flashing screen, and since I had to put in $400 to keep it running since January- it wasn't worth any of it, ended up buying a new computer today at Staples, a Dell Inspiron. Its a great 17 inch screen- but I feel poor- something else to pay off along with the London trip tickets...UGH! I lvoe this computer though- and I'm back on the internet. Such a spoiled baby I am, not being able to go without the internet for a month or so...but you do get the holiday deals now- I GUESS!
What else is going to break? We order our furniture last month and that is due in in 2-4 weeks- then the injection tank went on the water system, and then the computer...which Dave and I both played around with to try to salvage it for another few months...
Love this 17 inch screen though! No flashing either and having to manipulate the cord to try to get it to stop.

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