Friday, February 21, 2014

Only on a Journal Page

I wouldn't ever post a photo with a head so corky except on my journal page. This is a real Dyan Reavely style page. The background also isn't too exciting, I had sprayed it green and then took a wet stencil and wiped it off on the page, which is why you can see the whole stencil. Oh the heck with it I thought, and just decorated over it. And I just noticed I left the s off of the word always! Whoops! But I do really like how my stars came out.
Actually I am not unhappy with this page, technical flaws and all.  But journal pages don't have to be finished works of art!! Whatever floats your boat.
So its the last day of work for me before my vacation. Flying out tomorrow- by myself- the hubby can't come!!! That makes me sad. Good thing we were going to visit friends so it doesn't terribly impact my trip. I'll just go by myself and still have a blast with my good friend and her great hubby. My hubby's bummed out he can't go but he's ok getting rid of me for the week-since he is swamped at work and can focus on that.
That's it for today!
Thanks for stopping by.

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Susan Carol said...

Oh, this is such a fun page. Love the head on that figure and I realy like that greeny backround.