Saturday, February 1, 2014

Snowy Owls

So today my daughter and I went on a hunt for Snowy Owls.
There have been a lot of sightings this year  on the Northern Massachusetts coast and even some on the New Hampshire Coast. I love seeing wildlife, and since I had never seen a wild snowy owl, and since so many people have shared their photos (of seeing them) with me, I decided I needed to go.
It was a banner day!
We saw 2, and I got some awesome photos.

The dear hubby gave me a new zoom lense for my digital SLR this past Christmas and I made good use of it. These guys were fairly close so even at 300x which my lens goes to I got some nice photos.
I really needed an outside day like this.  Though the wind was cold, it was in the low 40's. Better than the 15 degree days we've been having so many of lately.
Some sun, some walking, and these owls- was worth the 1+ hour drive.

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