Saturday, May 24, 2014

What I am Loving Lately

So much has been happening here in my life. Besides graduation, a nasty cold that kept me out of work for 2 days this past week, the news that my daughter is moving in with her boyfriend in a few weeks, spring greening, there's a few  things I have been loving lately.
My new rose garden.  I just planted it last Sunday before I got sick.  Still needs mulching but I planted 3 new rose bushes and the sticks of one I already have, hoping it will perk back to life. I trimmed the sticks from this "stick" bush back a bit and they are not dead, but unlike my other roses in another garden (that stayed sticks half of last summer before greening up) this bush is usually one of my best-greening up and flowering like crazy. The other ones who stayed sticks half of last summer and greening up fantastically this year. Go figure.
I also love these owls I bought last year at Costco.

My new bed!!!!
I get it this weekend-today in fact!. This is the photo from the furniture store. I've been eyeing this bed for awhile and saw the store was having a sale to clean out some floor models, so I went for it and splurged and bought it for myself.  
Got almost $500 off the regular price so that makes me even happier.
These Silks paints. I have been using them so much lately.  Saw a demo at my favorite craft store a while back and decided to try a couple of colors- now I have about 8 colors and am painting up a storm. I love how they have mica in them and kind of sparkle, not to much though.
More roses. In particular the color of this bunch we bought my daughter for her graduation. I love the cream with a touch of pink and these light pink solids.

All the birds that are back. Mr. Baltimore Oriole is still hanging out at my hummingbird feeder. He's quite the handsome fellow for sure.
Ready for boating season to begin. I want to get out on the water! (Must be the fact I am a Pisces!) Here's our boat with the hubby giving it a wash. Lately he's finished his polishing and this weekend we can move it back to the marina. I am ready for a shake down cruise. I find when we go out, even though we often go the same route, that every time it is so different. The colors and cloudiness of the skies, whether we see seals or certain shore birds, the waves, the shoreline views...I'm sure I'll be showing you more photos pretty soon.
I have been in a cookbook reading state of mind.
I picked up this book cheap on Amazon. Of course its got a travel theme. And some Mexican food recipes, which has been something I have been craving lately. Plus lots of other  yummy recipes like lemon chicken and gazpacho from this family's travels. Travel is a lot about food too, even for me (and I don't claim to be a professional foodie person). If I can combine the 2-perfecto!
And since I mentioned Mexican food.

Loving this!
 And even though we desperately need a new grill, it is finally barbecue season. I don't watch Guy Fieri's show very often, but saw this at Costco and it has some good recipes
Time to fire up and make some ribs or some burgers (I LOVE a good burger) or pizza on the grill.
And finally, my latest issue of this magazine arrived from the Netherlands.
I love reading this publication. It is truly eye candy, but also some good articles and lots of art inspiration. Have you seen it?
I also love all those nice comments left on my blog. 
I want to give a shout out and thanks to all of you who have stopped by recently.

What have you been loving lately?

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