Wednesday, May 7, 2014

New Craft Supplies

 Its always exciting to have new supplies to play with. Seems like I have been breaking the bank buying some fun new things lately. Over break I made a quick stop at AC Moore in Nashua, New Hampshire. I don't get to AC Moore very often because there isn't any around me. I didn't realize they had a pretty decent artist paint department. Much better than Michaels from what I could see.
I tried some fun new colored paints as you can see above (40% off too). I love the bright colors.
I also bought some super marked down pads of paper as you can see below.
Like a need paper!
But I got all 4 pads for the price of 1. Can't beat that.
 Also over my vacation I visited my favorite craft store-Absolutely Everything in Topsfield, Massachusetts. (This is what happens when I am home and not traveling. I suppose its still cheaper than traveling and paying for a hotel and food, etc.) While browsing I saw this book. I have this fascination with pop up cards and books. One of these days I want to play and try my hand at making some assorted pop-ups. This book is particularly good, and I love that it isn't just about making cards. There are some really fun looking pop up pieces of art.
I give it a definitely check it out rating if pop-ups tickle your fancies.
And finally, eBay! One dangerous place for rubber stamps because you can find those no longer made images.
And I've been in luck  lately.  I love Postmodern Design rubber stamps. That company went out of business like 10 years ago.  Maybe even longer. Lately there's been a bunch up for sale and I've either won or bought a few.

OK, I've got to STOP adding more craft supplies to my already over-flowing stash. Before I know it I'm gonna need an addition on the house just to hold me toys.
(Maybe that isn't such a bad idea!)
Happy Wednesday.

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Valerie-Jael said...

Love those new supplies, have BIG fun with them. I just ordered a large pot of gesso, mine is empty, can't live without it! Valerie