Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Few Last Vacation Photos

None of these are going to make the museum of beautiful photography. Just a few random shots of last week-my April school vacation.
Hey, think you 2 could leave me a little space? Afterall it is my bed.
One of the rainy/cloudy day road trips.
A new toy. Can't wait until it is all seasoned and I can start mushing avocadoes and other delicious things.
YUM. Food for a rainy raw night.
Next stop home.
Are those actually buds on those branches?
Rain and cool temperatures. A nice fake log burning in the fireplace while the Bruins played on tv.
Anybody up for a bit of western flare and a BIG juicy burger, fries and a coffee frappe.
How about this ray of sunlight coming through the trees on my Friday morning walk?
I love this ray.
And a spontaneous Friday evening beach walk.  The clouds were way cool.
I love how you can see them reflected on the wet part of the beach.
Walking the beach on a warm Friday evening before the summer crowds arrive is so nice!
Its so nice to see color and flowers blooming, even if it is a Lowe's Garden Center.
And finally, 
 bricking the faces of my daughter's house model for a green building class she is taking. Took me 3 hours, but took her longer to cut the pieces and now she gets to assemble them. But glad I could help.
Hope this post was too boring!
Thanks for visiting.

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