Saturday, August 9, 2014

Going to the Birds

Yesterday the hubby and I had a great day out in his boat, doing some fishing and enjoying the summer sun. In 5 years of him having this boat, we have only had a rain storm once-and that was last weekend. But yesterday, on the day it was NOT suppose to rain, we had another rainstorm and had to hang out in the little storage cabin for 30 minutes or so to stay dry.
But at least no thunderstorms this time.
So everytime we go out I bring my camera in the hopes of some great bird photos. The ones I really want to catch on film are the common terns. They are so cute, and  I love watching them splash into the water to catch fish for dinner.
These guys.

There must have been tons of herring in the river because there were so many of these birds in the air. This is only a small sampling of them. I put the camera on autofocus and it couldn't focus fast enough!

Pretty cool!

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