Monday, August 25, 2014

My Lips Are Sealed

I promise I am not going to go on about how I had to get up and go back to work today.
Instead I want to show you snippets from  the last 3 days, my weekend (shhh-and end of my vacation!). 
Makes me SMILE!
I didn't expect much, but I enjoyed this film. I enjoyed spending Friday afternoon with my hubby too. We had cool rainy weather and sitting in a movie theater was a good choice.
And Saturday I spent my day having a blast taking 2 classes with Dina Wakely.

We made some fun journal pages. I had my first try using Pan Pastels (oh super nice), Gelatos (like Lipstick) and learned some great techniques
Here's a couple of the pages I made.

I highly recommend taking a Dina class if you ever get the chance.  I'll show you a few more views from those classes once I finish up couple more journal pages I started in class.
And then yesterday the hubby took me out for breakfast and then we went cruising in the boat. We were going to go fishing- but no one, along with us, was catching much of anything. So we took a cruise out to the Isle of Shoals, a group of several small rocky islands that are 6 miles offshore. Some are in Maine, and some are in New Hampshire.
I love how they feel rustic, New England and historical. And it was a gorgeous day!
It was a fantastic weekend.  I hope next weekend is as nice-especially since it is a holiday weekend here in the US.
Thanks for visiting. I am off and on my way to work!

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Bindu said...

The page you made is very cool. Love it.
Wish, I could take a lesson....
The wish has to wait for a while. Glad, you did enjoy the class and going to make new art.