Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Isles of Shoals

Seeing it feels like July today.
BUT I'll be busy in school with my new classes  today,  and  I won't be hanging out at home in my happy place nor be able to go paddle around in the water. I'll show you a few more photos from my voyage last Sunday out to the Isles of Shoal off the coast of New Hampshire and  the extreme southern tip of Maine.
Let's pretend I am still on summer vacation.
Or at least let me pretend I am still on vacation.

This would be a cool little cabin to take a vacation in, don't you think?
Or maybe move upscale and stay in this beautiful place?

This is the view on Star Island, where there is a big conference center. Anyone want to offer an art conference out here some summer?

At one time this was one of the busiest ports here in the US. That was a long time ago.  Now I am not sure if anyone lives here year round, but in the summer it is a busy place. Wish we could figure out if there's a place to land and get onshore. I'd love to walk around, at least on Star island.
And I'd love to be able to travel back in time and see what it was like here 150 years ago. It was probably a very hard life. I mean, there are no trees , you are five miles out to sea, winter winds have to be brutal, never mind the snow...
Hope you enjoy the views.

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