Saturday, August 2, 2014


My gardens, like most everyone else's right now, are so lush.
Wonder what ate a hole in those petals?
One of those creepy crawlies I am sure.

So in the last few days I've been doing a lot of chores. Amazing how in a house of 3 people the clutter grows like some materialistic tumor. Then I think how I haven't done some of these cleaning out jobs for 2 or more years and it all makes sense. That's how life is when you are busy living and aren't only focusing on how cluttered things are.
We Americans are such a consumer society, aren't we? Like we really need it all.
I am getting way down on my must do cleaning list which means instead of running around like a crazy person the last few weeks of my vacation, I can relax and play. Plus it feels SO good to get those projects checked off. My bookshelf in my play room looks great and is far more usable now-got rid of 3 big trash bags of books for Goodwill charities. YEAH-that was a big job! I will have some photos of my travel journal starting next week, and hopefully since this weekend's weather isn't very promising, maybe some other art too.
Enjoy your weekend!

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