Thursday, August 7, 2014

More Journaling from my Travels

Howdy blog visitors.
More views today from my travel journal. 
You can see I use lots of tidbits to make it.
It was fun using stickers from my stash to finish this book off.  One day I might actually do a sketch journal, but this one is more of a collaged scrap journal.
Love these little bags you get postcards in. The fit great in the book, are a good surface to put things on and even better, you can put things into the bags. Makes the book more interactive when you can pull things out of the pockets.
And I love adding fun postcards that I pick up along the way. Some trips I use more postcards than others, and this one has quite a few since I found a lot of cool postcards I liked.
Can't forget the Sasquatch. Ha-ha-ha. Those creatures seem to make a lot of appearances in the Pacific Northwest. Not real Sasquatches (at least we didn't see any) but there are postcards, T shirts, books, all kinds of Sasquatch items. Had to include them in my book.
This next page was a pre-made one; I put it together before the trip. It is one of the original chipboard pages from the book. I only ended up using 2 of these kinds of pages.
I added another bag to the back of it. This time I added all kinds of things to decorate it up.
A bit more to show you another time. I'm off on the road today to visit my Mom again.
Thanks for stopping by.

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