Tuesday, August 5, 2014


 I've been enjoying MaryAnn Moss's Sketchbookery class. I am a bit behind on the video's, and way behind on the sketching, but I started my sketchbook recently. Yahoo! I am making the focus of mine nature right now. If I get out of the nature sketching I might switch the theme or start another book. But wanted to share a couple pages I've done with you.
The top page I drew in pencil and then used watercolor markers and also my Sakura Micron colored pens to color. I am using one of those Ranger/ Dyan Reavely journals, which I thought would hold up well, since it does so so well with acrylic paints. I'm having some color leaking through the pages-GRRRR, which means I can't use the pages between each sketch. Maybe I'm applying too much marker and too much water and maybe I'll figure this out or maybe I'll end up switching books. Who knows. I probably should have made my own book with watercolor paper but thought a pre-made book would let me get to the sketching quicker.
Seeing I am so far behind to start with.
This bottom page I drew in pen (Sakura Micron) and also used some watercolor markers to fill in. Next time I am going to try my watercolor paints. Just to try them out and see what I like better. That's what I am doing now, deciding what works best for me.
I definitely like the top page better than the bottom page. Layout is something I need to work with some atmore. Maybe try some of those splatters I saw MaryAnn playing with. That might fix up the bottom sketches more to my liking.

And here's one more addition to the drawing journal. I like it better before I got carried away coloring it with watercolor paints. I do really like the shadow though. And the pot color. But the pot looks a little flat, and my pencil shading didn't make it look like that-then I painted and my pencil shading was gone.
Oh well.
Practice makes perfect, like the old cliche says.
I will keep on plugging away and see if my coloring improves. I will try my watercolor pencils, and maybe that will be a better medium for me.
Or maybe not-ha-ha.

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