Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wow- Its Almost Back to Work

I can't believe it is already Wednesday evening. This week is going by too fast and I don't have enough time to do everything I still want to do! Saying that is like having a minor panic attack. As the hubby told me the other day, you still have time to do those things-its  not like your life is over.
True, true. I am more ready for work after making my needed stop by my classroom the other morning, but I am still craving more time to play and make art and do all those things that make summer vacations so sweet.
OK girl, get over it. Time to be the adult and acknowledge you had a great summer off and now reality is here and next Monday you need to go back to work.
Could be worse!
Today I went to visit my mom and on the drive there (its 2 hours away) I stopped and bought myself some art supplies at AC Moore.  We don't have any around me and I like their fine art department better than Michael's. Always a treat. 
And last week I finished up this series of ocean mix media pieces I have been working on for quite awhile.
Happy with the results and feel good I finally decided how I wanted to finish them.

I keep going back and forth which one I like the best.
Is it weird I signed them at the top?  I had all this sand at the bottom that made it hard to sign them.
I also like how they are all very different yet the  same.
And yesterday we got approved to adopt a puppy through a rescue organization and so maybe in our not too too distant future we will bring home a new member of our house. The cat will HATE it. And hopefully the daughter's puppy will like it.
But that's not right now either.
So not much else to say today. Hope your day was super!
Stop by again soon.

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