Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Year

Wow- I am still in shock that 2014 is over, and it sped right by us.
So have you made any new years resolutions? Picked out a word for your year?
I prefer a year's theme. I've had visit museum years and send out art years. Some years the theme doesn't hit me until I am well into the year. Last year it was about letting go of my personal rules and expectations and just living. Or trying hard at that.
This year I know my theme.

So I was blog cruising one evening awhile back and saw on a blog (I think Allie Edwards) a rubber stamp or die that said something about doing more firsts.
That really hit a note with me and I have been thinking about it. We can all use a little change, right? So I decided that I want to focus on that in the upcoming new year. Do more firsts!
Try new things! Go to new places! Get out of this comfy place and put myself out there a bit.
Spread my wings, jump off feet first, just do it.
Thanks Nike for that saying.

So then I got to thinking about this past year.
What kind of firsts did I experience?
Was I just too comfy?
a) first visit to Seattle and Portland and the Oregon coast
b) first time I adopted a dog from down south (I adopted several other dogs during my life but never  met the van on a highway exit, nor adopted a dog I'd never met before)- my first experiences with doggie daycare too, first time I had a dog that was a Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix
c) had my first falafel sandwich (strange what new things you actually remember)
d- went to my first author book talk-well, sort of
e-I started painting...well I have been painting for years but I started making paintings!
f-Been learning to use a serger
g- Took a Texas 2 Step dance class
h-Spent a day at a spa!
i-My first time as a mom that my daughter moved out...and in with her boyfriend. So the first time I'd been in that situation, having an adult child moving on with her life...(which is not a bad thing, just an adjustment)
j-first time I ever spent a thunderstorm in our boat this past summer
k-First time I had to deal with an aging parent getting dementia.Wish I didn't have to deal with that.
There were some other firsts too, most too small to remember or even mention here.
Boy there were some big events in 2014.

So now I need to decide what I want to try this up coming new year. One thing I am thinking about is learning Swedish. Maybe lots of little firsts, things insignificant to others. What new things will be in my future? What new things do I want to be in my future?
What new things do you want to do in 2015?

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