Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cook Book Binging

I've got a cookbook habit. Especially as of late. Seems I can't get enough of baking books. Or baking!
One of the firsts for me this year is to try baking some new things.  Gonna become an amateur pastry chef...ha-ha.
Used some of my cookbooks in my collection to find an inspiration.
And here it is...drum roll...
so my first baking of something new is this cake.
Now I have made home made cakes before. I've made home made frosting before. But I've never made a Hummingbird Cake before.  Nor have I made home made cream cheese frosting.
This frosting recipe is super light and fluffy.  Maybe it is because I just whipped it a lot. Maybe its the recipe.  But real cream cheesy and yum!
I've never had a hummingbird cake before. It has a bit of spice in it, along with banana and pineapple. It is suppose to have pecans but I substituted walnuts because that's what I had.
Maybe it changes the type of cake I made. 
The only thing I think I'd changed about this recipe is I'd add more crushed pineapple.
Kind of reminded me of a carrot cake, but definitely not a carrot cake.
I could eat this cake all day!
Here's the cookbook I pulled off the shelf and used. 
I went through several because I had a bunch of bananas that I wanted to use. I had first thought of making banana bread, but I have done that many times before.
So why not try this cake?
I'm trying to experience new things this year.
And after watching the Great British Bake Off on PBS, I got inspired by cake.
Not just to bake, but to eat too!
And my next baking project?  Hmmmm.  
Souffle? A new bread? Eclairs? Madeleines? 
I'll let you know where my baking journey takes me.
Thanks for stopping by.


Gillena Cox said...

sure sounds yummy

have a nice weekend

much love...

Kate Robertson said...

Oh I'd love a piece of that cake, it looks so yummy. Thanks for sharing at Express Your Creativity.