Saturday, January 17, 2015

Pie and Other Good Things

I love long weekends. It is Martin Luther King weekend here in the US and tomorrow my daughter and I are off on a little road trip to IKEA. I need bookshelves.  She needs some homey goods for her apartment. Hopefully this little storm they are talking about doesn't get in our  way while traveling. (Keep your fingers crossed for me!) And I don't have to work Monday which is really exciting. Who knows what fun things I'll find to do.
Tomorrow the Patriots take on the Colts for the AFL title, one football game before the Superbowl. I hope they win this year-unlike last year when they lost. I know someone has to lose but how disappointing to get that far. And if today's game is even half as good as last Sunday's game against Baltimore was, it should be a good one.
So I have been in a cook book reading and baking mode lately. Been hooked on watching The Great British Bake Off on PBS. Have you seen it?
I was naughty and a bought a few new cookbooks in the last few weeks.  To feed the reading by the fire addiction.
This is an interesting cookbook. Old and traditional pies. I haven't heard of more than half of these pies, which is pretty interesting actually since I am a pie fan and I thought I knew about about pie. Transparent pie...Dixie pie...cake like pies...
I am antsy to try a few of these, but the problem with pie and cake and cookies is how much can you actually eat before you get the size of a city block?  At least this is true with my metabolism. And I am trying to be fairly good about what I eat, but still get my baking fix and my sugar fix. So I will get to making one of these, next time I want pie.
Here's an even naughtier book.

Yummy, creamy pretty pies. This is where I go for my no-calorie photo pie fix. And to bake one of these days too!
Can't wait.
And since I am so hooked the Great British Bake Off, I ordered this book from an Amazon seller in England. Mary  Berry is one of the show's judges. I am trying to resist the temptation to buy a couple of the show cookbooks. So far, I have been strong and able to...ha-ha. Notice many of them have sold out on Amazon so it must not just be me addicted to this show!
Anyhow, waiting for this to arrive. Can't wait to see what yummy British Baking treats I can learn about.
So do you have any big plans for the weekend?

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