Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Little More Bunny Hopping

One last Easter styled tag to share with you.  Bunny's, chicks, and spring birds- all those kind of Easter icons. I didn't go pastel colors though. Had to do something a little non-traditional. Not that I am against tradition. Especially spring traditions. Got to love spring especially when you aren't having much of it in your home area. YET.
I am so desperate for green. I never have felt like that before, but man oh man.  To see bare ground and some green leaves. Some colored flowers would be over the top. I don't know how soon that is going to happen here. But it will happen. At some point.
I also recently picked up this book and read it all in one night. I found it a very positive, encouraging book and well put together. It also it got me to rethink some of my art habits. Although the focus is for people who want to do art but don't do art, I think there is still plenty to get out of this volume if you are someone who does a lot of art. It is really about drawing and watercolor, but even people who don't 100% focus on sketching and drawing still have to sketch and draw at times. Plus Danny's drawings are fantastic.
Makes you believe even your bad pieces really aren't so bad. Oh those little evil forces in our brains that allow us to put ourselves down!
Writing that just gave me an idea for a journal page or another tag!
Anyhow, enough chat for me today. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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Valerie-Jael said...

That book sounds good, I am really good at destroying myself! Love your bunny. You asked if I used metallic paints on my autumnal piece - I used water colours, layering several colours over each other to give depth, and just the edging was done with a metallic structure paste. Have a nice Easter weekend, hugs, Valerie