Monday, April 13, 2015

Now It Is Officially Spring

Oh Monday is here again. I am not really in the mood to start another week of work but what can you do? It was a beautiful weekend, especially Sunday, and today is suppose to be the cream of the crop, the best.
So yesterday was really the 
official start of spring in my neck of the woods.  Why do I say that? The phoebe was back under the eaves of my husband's shop, twittering its name in that lovely scratchy voice. They always seem to arrive when real spring weather begins. So maybe (I hope) that real spring weather is here. This week looks like it.
Big big smile.
It was so nice yesterday we actually pulled out a couple chairs and sat outside.
I also got out for a fantastic Sunday morning walk. I didn't need for than my fleece , no jacket. Oh yes. how gorgeous.

 The snow is just melting away quickly (big smile) and the buds are getting so large.

Oh yes, did I mention today is the Red Sox's opening day? Baseball means good things are a coming.
Since it is rather late arriving  this year, I am ready for real spring.
Just not ready for this work week yet.
Hope you feel prepared for your week.
And thanks for stopping by.

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