Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Got to love  a vacation.
Showing you a little of vacation art. And a little vacation fun!
Tags put into my tag book.
Gelli prints.
Making prints of some printed paper . Something new for me so obvious I never thought of it before.
 Sharing a strawberry shortcake.
And having a donut.
Some beautiful spring views.
Reading in the morning because I don't have to get out and rush off to work and reading before bed and not being so exhausted as I am after work that I just fall asleep.
And walking in the morning. So much better than in the afternoon. (Of course maybe that is just because it is vacation too.)
And being decadent!!!!
Yesterday I went out with 3 girlfriends and we had margaritas with lunch- on a Monday!
A drink Monday during lunch???? That is what people who are on vacation do!
Finally, so fun to go out with the same girlfriends to the movies
This is what vacations are all about, aren't they?
So today I am doing my daughterly duty and going down to visit my mom and take her to a doctor's appointment. You never know with my mom how it will go, with her dementia and just being my mom, She and I haven't always gotten along all that great, but we shall see.
Have a great Tuesday and thanks for visiting.

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