Monday, November 9, 2015

A Fun Day Out

. So Saturday my friend Corrine  invited me along to this cool vintage fair. I had never been to Pettengill Farm. I didn't even know it was there. 
They had big tents and  greenhouses where various sellers of vintage wares, crafts, and holiday cheer had tables set up to sell their wares. There were some interesting things for sale.
Not that we were going to spend ANY money!
(Especially Corrine who got lucky and was given a free ticket to get in by some nice woman whose friend never showed up.)

Pettengill Farm is a garden center. I am going to visit next spring or summer because they had some gorgeous garden items. I can only imagine what it looks like in prime garden season.
They had some gorgeous displays at the vintage fair.

Cool greenhouse reflection in this nice old New Englandy photo.

 I found this Christmas tree absolutely gorgeous. My photo does it no justice. It was decorated with all these natural and woodland items. Ideas are brewing around in my brain.
 I think someone needs to pick the leaves out of this emus  curly feathers.
 I love this little shed.  With a heater inside it would make a gorgeous little art studio in my backyard. Should I say hint hint honey?????

I love this owl's expression.
And we saw some other cool things too.

This is not a person in a costume! Isn't she a beautiful snow person?

Do you like this old hardware store wall cabinet as much as I do? (Not the little cabinets in front of it, although they are pretty nice too!)
I think it would hold art bits and bobs very very nicely.
When I showed this photo to the hubby he said it would work in his wood working shop more than nicely. He said it would make a great early Christmas present.
That is if I was going to spend any money.
And Corrine, weren't we talking about a selfie to post?  We forgot!
But anyhow, I had a really fun day out. It got me into the holiday spirit. I got to talk art and life and see a little something different!
All those good things.
And now since it is Monday again, I am off back to work. Another week begins.
Anything exciting on your week's calendar?


Valerie-Jael said...

Ooooh, what a gorgeous place you 2 visited, looks fantastic. My faves are the
wall store cabinet and the emu, but everything is just wonderful. Glad you gals had a great day out, shame you forgot the selfie! Have a lovely day, hugs,


froebelsternchen Susi said...

OMG what fabulous place to visit... I can imagine that you both had a great day there! I would have loved to see you both - a shame that you forgot to take a selfie!!!
Happy new week Erika!

Corrine at said...

It was such a good time. I am so glad we went and you got the bargain of the century in your cabinet. Is there going to be a battle over who gets it? xox

ULKAU said...

Great photos, that must have been an exciting day for you! I also love such places, there is always so much to discover.
Thanks for visiting me, Erica.