Thursday, October 20, 2016


I've been craving solitude, me time, quiet time. Maybe its my life's craziness right now with my husband's health issues along with my work as a teacher. Crazy teenagers are tons of fun but can wear you down. I want to take a walk, collect colored leaves,  and bake muffins.
I had a lot of fun making this page. It began with me moving paint around on the page, and then letting the paint tell me what should go on the page. Stamped trees, a painted fence and a stamped crow. The pumpkins are cut off a cookie box from Trader Joe's. 
I am linking up to Paint Party Friday. Thanks to Eva and Kristen for hosting. I haven't posted for a couple of weeks, but its good to be back.
I am also linking up to Art Journal Journey. This month's theme is Indian Summer/Golden October hosted by Valerie. 
So I'm taking Friday  off from work. Smiling me!  I don't know if the weather will cooperate with me going outside to walk, but we desperately need rain. Besides, the joys of hanging home in my pajamas is really appealing. The perfect day to lounge and sleep late and recharge. I am very excited about this, especially since I get to miss the pep rally at work. This week at work has been spirit week culminating with the Friday afternoon a pep rally.  The kids have been getting more crazy every day. We've had dress up days every day this week, including pajama day and twin day and it gets them just a little bit unfocused. But the school has had lots of good energy going around.
Not sure whether I will do much of anything this weekend, but I am planning on enjoying it.  Hope you enjoy yours.
And as always, thanks for stopping by for a visit


Valerie-Jael said...

Enjoy your day off, and charge your batteries, hope you soon feel better. LOVE the bright and beautiful journal page. Take care of yourself, hugs, Valerie

Sadie´sGedankenfülle said...

Hello Erika
This page is so cool, I like it so
Greetings Sadie

Jeanie said...

When in doubt, paint and bake muffins! Sounds good to me. Maybe you deserve a weekend with nothing planned -- just doing what comes naturally. I'm sure your stress and concern is nattering at you. Hold close, my friend. Hold close.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

I love your page and say thank you for joining us again and again and again with such beautiful pages this month again Erika!
I really hope you can relax this weekend and whatever weather it will bring you - ENJOY your free days my friend!
We shall get nice weather - at least they forecasted more sun and higher tempratures as the last days ... and I will have a nice fish eating event with friends nearby ... think it will be a nice weekend!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your art is WONDERFUL and full of energy. Looks like you got some of that spirit from the kids.

I hope this day off and the three day weekend is just what you needed to regain control of things. It's hard when you have to be the strong one with someone else depending on you. I hope it's a great day and one that's productive, whether it's in pjs or a sweater and jeans.

carol l mckenna said...

Oh such lovely art work ~ divine ~ love autumn look ~ thanks.

Wishing you a Happy Weekend ~ ^_^

Anonymous said...

take it easy love the healing colours on this

Faye said...

I think there are few things more relaxing than hanging around till noon in pjs. Your colorful fall scene is beautiful. You and your hubby are in my heart. When your name pops into my head during the week, I send up a brief prayer for you.

Meggymay said...

I hope you have enjoyed your day, and have had time to rest. This journal page scene looks beautiful. Your school week sounds very full on so have a good weekend and take care of yourself and family.
Yvonne xx

Christine said...

It's a lovely restful piece, just what you need right now!

Jeannette said...

oohh what a beautiful page,love the landscape with the pumpinks and cute raven.
hope you soon feel better.
here is the weather cold and rainy,not good for walking.
have a nice weekend.

hugs jenny

sirkkis said...

Beautiful autumn page, Erika.
Hope your weekend is restful and enjoyable xx

NatureFootstep said...

love it. :) And the way you worked. Letting color decide. I think the crow has a problem. How can this be opened?

~*~Patty S said...

Hope your day off was everything you hoped it would be Erika and that you have a nice weekend too!
You and your painting got along really well = you are a good listener ;-) The stand of trees along with your other touches look great. The crow really stands out for me too.
p.s. hope you give yourself lots of credit for how you deal with everything you have going on!

Indira said...

Hope you enjoyed your day off. Have a restful weekend and I hope your school time gets more peaceful (one can always hope even with teens). Great art journal page! Lots of energy.

Giggles said...

I am in LOVE with your blog made me soooo happy!! Hope you get to lounge until your hearts content. There is something to be said for quiet...I cherish every moment of it!! Great page autumn art page too... Intuitive painting is always my favorite and most relaxing!!

Hugs Giggles

Gibby Frogett said...

Hope you enjoyed your day off Erika. I love the scene you have created on your beautiful journey page - would have been nice to sit under those trees and enjoy the view and watch the world go by.
Gill xx

Laney said...

This is a great page. Isn't it therapeutic to just splash paint around? :) Hope you have a relaxing weekend. And I agree with Giggles - your blog header is fantastic!

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

I think it is important to make time for ourselves. To find our balance and to be full when we go back to work. Muffins sound good. I love this piece your created. It feels peaceful.

Divers and Sundry said...

I love your colors. And that crow on the pumpkin is a stand-out. Perfect seasonal scene.

Nordljus said...

What a gorgeous page! It looks like a great invitation for an autumn walk. It's so good and important to make time for yourself when you need it, I can understand that you need it with everything going on around you. Hope you had a good weekend!