Sunday, July 30, 2017


Hi everyone.  My quiet weekend continues. Yesterday I only got as far as cleaning my car out (so glad that is done) and so MAYBE today I will do a little bit more. I am definitely off to the happy art place though, as soon as I finish my breakfast. The dogs are hopefully tired enough from their walk that they will leave me in a little peace for a bit. :)
So it is almost the end of July. I will say that with me in summer mode the month is just a  wonderful and fun blur in my head. Good thing I keep a little calendar journal to remind me if what I actually did. Ha ha. I will say I still hate to see July end, even though there's still August, but I don't get the full month (of August) off to enjoy and somehow that back to school date lingers out there reminding me kids and classroom are coming. 
So today I have one last page for Elizabeth's Art Journal Journey Summer Love challenge. I am sorry to say this page never got finished, even though I started it awhile back. However since it is done enough (although still curled up) I will share it.
You would think I would have had time to iron it flat. (Thanks to all of you who shared that suggestion.) However it got buried while I tried to figure out what it needed, and I found it yesterday, and decided it would be better to post it now. Otherwise it would end up back in the bottom of the pile most likely.
My inspiration for the piece was this sheet of scrapbooking printed vellum I had.

So last week I took a road trip to the yarn store ( which I talked about yesterday). On the way I saw signs for The Bridge of Flowers on the the Mohawk Trail. The Mohawk Trail is one of those old byways from back in the early days of automobiles. It runs from central Massachusetts through the northern Berkshire Mountains. It's a scenic route and the Bridge of Flowers is just one stop. I had driven at least some of the Mohawk Trail  twice before many many years ago, but always in the early spring, so visiting the Bridge of Flowers meant I was  not seeing a bridge of flowers. And since  the bridge wasn't far off the highway,  and I was on a summer  road trip, I went to check it out.
And I'm glad I did.
The bridge doesn't look like much from this view, but you can see the fog covering the tops of the mountains which I thought was pretty.
 Walking along the bridge was to walk through  a lush and gorgeous garden.
I wonder how they managed for the plants to have so many blooms at the same time.
 With this river and hilly view in the background.

I have tons more flower photos, but I will save those for T. 
Hope everyone's weekend is going well.
Thanks for stopping by.


Valerie-Jael said...

Oh, how wonderful is that bridge of flowers, I would love to visit there, that'a for sure. Enjoy the rest of our vacation, school will come soon enough - I know that feeling too well. Love your colourful journal page with all the stitching. Have a nice Sunday and a good start in the new week, hugs, Valerie

Anonymous said...

Love the bridge of flowers and so many great artisans in Shelburne Falls. Nice ride out that part of Route 2. xox

CJ Kennedy said...

Your page is so sunny. Love the printed prompts for an old0fashioned Summer. July went by too quick.

I never heard of the Bridge of Flowers. Very pretty.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This is a wonderful final summertime love entry, Erika. I would be afraid to iron the vellum, though. It is beautiful just the way it is. The sewing made it even more special and the TH paper dolls are quite wonderful as the focal point. Thanks for sharing it on Art Journal Journey.

I actually liked the photo of the bridge from afar because you could truly see it WAS a bridge. That seemed to be lost (to me) with the close-up photos. They are gorgeous, though, and well worth the side trip to get these photos.

Meggymay said...

I do love your journal page Erika, sometimes we think it needs more when in reality it looks fantastic as it is.
The photos have me lingering over them tonight, what an amazing bridge, the scenery looks wonderful and so does the beautiful flowers. I am looking forward to seeing more from your trip.
Yvonne xx

Blogoratti said...

What delightful photos and its so nice of you to share. Warm greetings and best wishes!

Jeanie said...

Oh wow, this is really beautiful. A bridge of flowers -- never heard of that before but certainly worth knowing about.

And I do love your page -- finished or not!

froebelsternchen said...

You shared wonderful photos of this unique bridge of flowers - never heard about a bridge of flowers yet! I am thrilled about it !
The page looks AMAZING, even though you told us it's unfihished it looks absolutely beautiful to me-- I love the colors and the stitching - just great!
Thank you for all your amazing entries and all the support of Art Journal Journey this past month dear Erika! ♥♥♥
Enjoy the rest of your free summer - If you are honest you will love to have your kids and classroom back - you would miss them if the summer break would last forever!
oxo Susi

butterfly said...

There's a lovely summery feel to your page - seems finished to me... I love that we get to see all those happy sunshine holiday words. It's so cool how the Paper Dolls pop against their seawater pool. Amazing flower photos too - thanks for sharing those.
Alison x

Let's Art Journal said...

What a lovely page to finish Summertime Love, the vellum is gorgeous and I like the way the page has curled because it adds a lovely design to your page 😀. The way you have added the stitching frames you TH figures wonderfully. Wow, the bridge of flowers is amazing, what a beautiful place to visit and walk along! Wishing you a great day! J 😊

Divers and Sundry said...

The bridge of flowers is such a wonderful idea that I'm wondering why they're not adopted as an idea by cities all over the country. I'd love for one of our bridges to try to adapt this concept. It makes such a lovely setting!