Friday, July 21, 2017

Out on the Savanna

Wow, this week flew right by for me. I can't believe its Friday already and another week is in wind down mode already. Its been hot and humid here. That's a good reason to stay in and finish some art. Here's a page I finished the other morning for the latest challenge at Moo Mania, Africa.

The background on my page is made from me cleaning my paint brushes over a couple of weeks of art making. The paper ended up with all these warm colors and they reminded me of the colors you'd find in an African savanna.  So I painted the giraffe  and the tree. Then I stamped the tribal looking image and used a white pen to highlight parts of them. And I guess I spelled savanna wrong since it doesn't have an H at the end.
Oh well. Spelling has never been strong suit.
And yesterday I took the dogs up to my mother-in-laws house. She lives on this pond, and it was a quiet summer afternoon. Good for a little swim and lots of dog play.

After my swim, I  settled down for some reading time when the sky started to darken.
 And then it started to rain. First sprinkles and then it got heavy.
I think the universe was telling me it was time to go home and take a nap. :)
So I did.
Happy weekend everyone.


CJ Kennedy said...

Your giraffe is adorable. Love the page. And as to spelling, it seems rather fluid. It used to be something had an Effect on things, but now the proper spelling is Affect. So perhaps Savanna with an H is an earlier or new spelling

The pond looks so refreshing. Puppies seem to enjoy themselves in the water. We didn't get any rain. Another hot day, though the humidity is supposed to drop a bit. Have a great day!

Valerie-Jael said...

Love the giraffe, so cute. Glad you had a good swim with the dogs before the rain came down! Have a fun weekend, hugs, Valerie

Gibby Frogett said...

I love your giraffe ( I've noticed in past blog posts that you love giraffes too) great background just from cleaning your brushes - that's awesome :)
oh that water looks so very clear and inviting - I really envy your dogs swimming in that and wish I was there ....
have a great weekend Erika
Gill xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I loved your trip to the Savanna. Actually, both spellings are correct, so by adding the h at the end, you did nothing wrong (says the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade state spelling champion). It is a charming entry and well done.

The day on the pond looks fun and relaxing. Good you got out of the rain unless you took your underwater digital camera. Have a super Friday.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Your really enjoy your summer- and it sounds heavenly . I love this giraffe - I am just now trying to paint one in one of my journals - I will see if it works well...
I love that you used your mop up paper for the background - the colors are really good to represent the savanna.
Your dogs are so happy. My dogs just go swimming when I do - to watch over me - otherwise they don't want to get wet.
I think that is because that breed originates in Africa-lol.

Happy weekend ♥♥♥
and thank you very much for your support of Moo Mania & More Erika!
That is much appreciated!
oxo Susi

Meggymay said...

It was a super mop up background for the fantastic giraffe. Its a great page.
The dogs looked like they were having a wonderful time in the water. A shame that the rain had you going home early.
Yvonne xx

Let's Art Journal said...

Your giraffe is wonderful and I think he has his eye on those lush looking leaves high up on the tree branches ... lol 😉. The sheilds are fab too and tie into the Savannah theme beautifully. I think the spelling with a "h" is the English spelling 😀 so your page is perfect to me! Nice to have time swimming and playing with the dogs at the lake, it looks such a relaxing place. Happy Saturday and have a fun weekend! J 😊

Jeanie said...

Those dogs are looking divinely happy. I'm home now and it's hot as all get out. Really wish I was jumping in the lake! (Love the giraffe!)

Rosie said...

A wonderful painting, dear Erika, and your pictures are beautiful.

Thank you for joining us at MOO MANIA & MORE.

Have a lovely Sunday

Sandy said...

So good - I dearly love your Giraffe. Great pictures especially of the dog standing in water - love the look of that water!!
sandy xx