Saturday, November 18, 2017

Happy Weekend.

Hi everyone. It's Saturday afternoon in my world and it is a grey and raw one right now. I am off to a hockey game tonight over in Portland, Maine and I have lost all my excitement about going. This raw grey sky makes me want to go take a nap. :) But hopefully it will be as good as last night's game, which we streamed off the computer onto the tv. Our team played very well and won.  But time will tell.
And thanks to everyone who send well wishes for my appointment in Boston yesterday. They must have worked because all is well. I have no secondary issues that have popped up from the surgery.
So today I have a little art to share.
First of all here's is another journal page for Chris's 101 Ways to Keep Warm over at Art Journal Journey.
My page began with a Citrosol transfer from an old National Geographic magazine. I tried the Citrosol transfer technique last summer and didn't have much luck with it. I did get some of the sunflower image  on the page but not a lot. And this was the best one of the whole lot that I tired.
So I spruced up the page with some tissue paper, ink, book page scraps and some fake leather trim.
I love this little cowgirl and so  I thought about how page about good memories always warms your heart. 
And then I also have a tag for Tag Tuesday. Their latest theme is Music.
 As it feels like snow here (and not rain like they say is coming tomorrow) my page has a wintery theme. I'm not sure the music title (The barber of Seville is exactly and appropriate piece of music for this lovely little girl in her warm looking coat.  But it was the perfect sized piece of music paper to  fit on my tag. I was more or less thinking holiday snow music (like dashing through the snow) when I made my page.
So hope everyone is having a great weekend. I need to go get changed for my trip to Maine.
Thanks for visiting.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Both of these are adorable, and I love how you put the Paper Dolls to work. They are fun and beautiful. I SO enjoyed all the bits and pieces you used to create the background for your AJJ entry. It turned out special and beautiful, even if your CitraSolve images didn't do so well.

And of course, the music tag is incredible. I like the way you posititioned the little girl and used an old library date card. Have a great weekend and glad all went well in Boston.

Valerie-Jael said...

I am so glad your examination went well and that there are no problems, that's really good news. Wonderful journal page and tag, love how the little girl on the tag is all wrapped up. Thanks so much for joining us at TT again! Hope the hockey match is good, have fun, and enjoy your weekend! Hugs, Valerie

Meggymay said...

First of all it was good to read that your appointment for the check up went well.
I loved the fantastic journal page, good for you to try a transfer technique. I never seem to have any luck and mine end in the bin.
The additions you added are all lovely.
Its a great tag, she looks really cosy in her warm winter coat.
Have a good weekend.
Yvonne xx

CJ Kennedy said...

Your sunflower page evokes memories of long summer days playing cowboy. I didn't want to be a cowgirl. Love how the sunflower looks like a hazy sun. I just got home from teaching a workshop. The rain feels a lot colder than they said and my hands are freezing. I could use the little girl's muff right now. That tag would also make a lovely gift tag. Enjoy the hockey game. I'm off in search of a cup of tea.

Dortesjs said...

Very pretty and beautiful, love the tag very much. very sweet vintage girl ;O))

krishna said...

i love your art journal page...

Please visit:

froebelsternchen Susi said...

First of all - I am happy to hear that it went all well with the check of the kidney. That's so good!!!! And I hope with your hubby is everything all right as well!!! ♥♥♥
I love this page and the idea of warm childhood memories - they make one's heart often warm - I had a good childhood and am very grateful for this.
Can imagine that the transfer with Citrosol isn't that easy - it always depends on how the print is made, and much more circumstances.I tried it with nail polish removere once - turned out very light - similar to your sunflower. Hubby wanted to make an image transfer on wood and thought he told me something new - image transfer - oh wow. I helped him with the transfer and it turned out super with my acryl binder and a laser printer image.
But it took us hours to get it really super. I think it also would work with an inkjet printer. He didn't know that I made transfers since nearly 15 years now. So much to how a hubby knows what his wife does as her hobby! But I don't like to make image transfers - too much effort for what you get out of it.
You made a BEAUTY out of your transfer - so once more it shows up that there is always a way to use something -ART- is what you make out of it!
Thank you for such a lovely idea for the 101 ways to keep warm. Another fantastic entry of you for Chris' theme. Your tag is so lovely - the vintage feel to is looks super and the little girl is really sweet,
the snowy tag is very appropriate to my day here. We got the first bit of snow last night and maybe it will melt not so soon since it is very cold today.
Hope the game was worth watching and you had fun! Happy Sunday Erika!
oxo Susi

geistige_Schritte said...

wonderful the journal and the day really nice creation on the topics Winterlich is suitable for holiday mood
have a beautiful Sunday

nanskidrewski said...

Hope the hockey game turned out to be fun! I watched the Celtics on TV..they are on a roll, so I am enjoying it. Great tag and page.

Jeanie said...

We're gray and raw here, too -- and yesterday, a deluge of rain that turned into snow (and forunately didn't stick, except it's snowing now.) I'm so not ready...

Let's Art Journal said...

Happy Weekend! Your warm childhood memories page is a delight, I love the little cowgirl and the leather trim and lace flowers - perfect 😁. The tag is adorable too and the snowflakes in the background are fab! I hope you enjoyed your trip to Maine and the ice hockey game 😁. Wishing you a happy new week! J 😊

pearshapedcrafting said...

This really is a fabulous AJJ entry Erika! I love all the elements you have used! Your tag is brilliant too! I love the snowflakes on the music paper! Hope you enjoy the game and don't get too cold! Hugs, Chrisx

Divers and Sundry said...

Winter may be coming, but we're not seeing it yet here, although these highs in the 50s feel chilly enough to suit me for now :) That girl looks quite elegant in her hat and muff. She'll stay warm even in the snow, I think

Joan said...

I love the colors and the large snowflakes on the tag!! The little girl is very pretty - lovely tag all around!
Glad to hear your appointment went well. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Corrine at said...

Really fun art. Glad your medically a okay and no issues to worry about. Cold today for sure. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, you all sure have much to celebrate this year for real. Big hugs. xox

WendyK said...

Fantastic journal page, love the sunflower transfer background. Image transfers can be very temperamental. Great music tag,love the image. Gosh I haven't been to a hockey match since I played hockey at school 50 + years ago.

Michele said...

fantastic collages pieces! xo

Rein said...

Stunning projects, love the vintage look-