Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Time to Plant

Hello everyone. Hope everyone's week is going well.

Today I have a busy day. I'm scheduled to go in and clean out my classroom. One person per wing because of Covid-19, so it's my day today.  (And it will be awfully empty and quiet so maybe my work will get done faster as there will be no one to chat with.)  I have done some cleaning already before we were kicked out of the building, but I still have a lot of things to get rid of and a few things to bring home. I was hoping to do this in June when I might be able to meet my replacement and see what, if anything, they wanted, but I don't want to leave them a mess they have to clean. I must admit this is something I just want to get done, and I am a little sad to have to do it at the same time. I will see my friends from work, and IF I miss the kids I can can go back and be a substitute teacher, but my room will never be my room again.
Oh well, I don't think it is going to take me that long to get over this. It is just a room. Especially since I have reached the point I am really ready to retire. 

And today I have some new art to share.

Mia's challenge at Art Journal Journey is flowers.
I started with a Dina Wakely spray paint and stencilled background.  I had the seed packet stamp in my stash, and I stamped some flowers onto it. Then I ripped off a corner and used some little plastic beads to look like seeds were falling out of the package. The bird is cut out of a magazine page. I had the tiny plant pot stamp, and then I painted and drew the seeds growing out of the pots. The lady is an image I had, and then I added some  lace which I also had in my stash.  Finally I used some letter stickers to create my quote.
I must say lately I have been pulling some old stamps out of my stash, and it is like I have new stamps to use.

And I am also going to link my page up to More Mixed Media Challenge, which is anything goes with optional pink. 

And how about a few more spring photos from a chilly yesterday in New Hampshire?
 The weeping cherry is really flowering. Too bad the flowers don't last very long.
 But the sugar maple will have leaves very soon.
 And besides my daffodils, my hyacinths are looking nice.

Thanks for visiting my blog!


Valerie-Jael said...

I can relate to your mixed feelings about clearing out your room, but don't be sad. You are ready to retire, have plenty to keep you occupied and you will enjoy it. And when one door closes, another door opens! LOVe your beautiful journal page, such gorgeous colours and a very appropriate text - you have already sown the seeds at school, watch it all grow and develop, and now you can enjoy the harvest. And thanks for joining us at MMM with your lovely entry. Wonderful photos, too, spring is such a lovely time. Have a great day, hugs, Valerie

kathyinozarks said...

Beautiful flowers-love your page--hugs

CJ Kennedy said...

Bittersweet to be cleaning out your classroom. But retirement! No long commutes especially in snow when school isn't cancelled. Time for art or gardening or just watching clouds go by. Your journal page would make a lovely wall hanging. I like the lace "roots" on the bottom. The flowers in your yard look very pretty, too. Take care.

Divers and Sundry said...

This plague has kept so many people from the normal stage ceremonies they expected -the last days, the public observances... I think it makes it harder :(

Your spring flowers are so pretty :)

Lowcarb team member said...

I can understand your mixed feelings … but I'm sure you will enjoy retirement.

Lovely to see your photographs.

All the best Jan

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Your leaving may be even sadder because you won't be seeing people you have known and worked with and that's really a bummer, Erika. But it is sadly the way things are for the foreseeable future. Retirement is a fun adventure and one which we highly recommend, and now you will really have time to be home and hopefully enjoy it before the world starts up again, one day. Nice blooms in your garden show that spring may be here except for the chily NH weather. Hope your mom is doing better.

Stevenson Q said...

Those plastic beads created such a striking focal point on this beautiful work you did Erika! Over-all, this would be a beautiful ad for a seed and gardening shop! Those hyacinths look extra invigorating under that sunny day. That shot of the cherry blooms with that visiting honeybee is just super cute! I love looking at pictures of bees but whenever they visit our house, I am super scared of them even if my grandma is always so happy to see them because here in our country, it is said that when a bee comes flying inside your house, money is about to come to you. Well maybe it's true because there haven't been bees visiting here for a long time now HAHA

craftytrog said...

A beautiful page Erika, and your garden is looking very pretty.
Hope the room tidy went well yesterday.
Alison x

Iris Flavia said...

At least you could leave with a bitter-sweet feeling.
I had to leavy my place in deepest diappointment and even sent Hubby later to bring back the keys once my final official day was there.
In irony I even got a good-bye-pressie I could not enjoy.

Still wait till I can grow anything, brrrr, cold! But my wild strawberries do good, roarrrr ;-)

Neet said...

I remember a friend having a real sulk because she had to give up her room for someone when she was leaving, I never understood the way she behaved but when I went off sick (leading to early retirement) I was upset that I didn't get to say 'goodbye' to my room.
It must seem a strange way for you to leave that life behind.
Love your page, especially the seeds coming out of the packet what a great idea. In fact you have put this page together with such a lot of thought and it shows, it has worked so well. I love your 'lady' with her gardening outfit, what a great apron or coverall she is wearing.
Take care and stay well, hope your mom is improving.
Hugs, Neet xx

Elkes Lebensglück said...

magnificent is that diary page! Creative nice idea! Beautiful the flowers and blossoms tree.
All the best for the new start at home, Hugs Elke

Meggymay said...

Yes it it will seem sad cleaning out your classroom and bringing things home for the last time, but, the plus is, its a new phase in your life to enjoy, freedom from daily routines and time to enjoy doing the things that you want to do each day.
Its a fabulous journal page as well Erika. a super background and I loved the additions and the lady dressed for her garden. Your flower photos looked so pretty as well.
Stay safe.
Yvonne xx

Jeanie said...

I hope the clean-out went well. That is indeed bittersweet. I'm so sorry you won't get the sort of send off you should have. The closure. It's much like the graduating seniors. I hope you'll get some sort of a recognition in time -- as soon as they can -- from your students and your colleagues.

You will love retirement but I'm sorry you have to back into it this way.

Mia said...

What a beauty, Erika! What a gorgeous page you make! Oh thank you so much for sharing the steps with us! And thank you so much for entering your lovely creation at AJJ! Hugs, my friend. I love spring photos!

Let's Art Journal said...

It must be quite surreal thinking about cleaning out your desk at school, it's come around so quickly! In no time you'll be wondering how you managed to work and do everything else 😉. Your page is beautiful, I love the seedling all lined up in their pots! Such lovely flowers in your garden too! Take care and wishing you well! Hugs, Jo x

Eileen Bergen said...

You brought back the mixed feelings I had while cleaning out my clasroom.

Lovely page. Your photos are beautiful. Eileen xx