Friday, January 11, 2013

10 Things Friday

OK guys, here's where I am with my life right now. It is Friday-Thank Goodness!!! This has been a long work week.

1-Need a couple of sleep in mornings. I am just tired down to my bones this morning.
2-Weird karma this past week-too many weird things happening. Weird misunderstandings, weird coincidences, weird conversations.
3-This head cold isn't quite gone yet, lingering ear blockage. Man, don't think I will ever be totally healthy from it.
4-Fairly mild temperatures this week-unlike last week's bitter cold. Tomorrow is suppose to be pretty warm-like maybe even 50-though.
5-I have been very successful sticking to a healthy diet for just over a week right now. Very proud of myself.
6-Just got to motivate myself to get some exercise now.
7-Got to motivate myself to get into the studio also. I come home after work and have been chilling on the couch with Katie.She goes back to school in 1 more week so that will change.
8-Finding myself a little lost in the studio lately. Not in a slump, but spent my fall so busy doing Halloween and then Christmas art and now it is like, what do I make? Trying to decide what project(s) I want to get into.
9-My intern at work has been doing his solo weeks at work and I should be more productive than I have been. I have just been relaxing and working at a snail's pace. Need to get some organization done to make life easier when the quarter ends in a couple of weeks.
10-Still hooked on making some photo books on-line. Am working on another one. Having fun though and really enjoy getting photos from different adventures off the computer and out into view-able hands.

Here's a photo I took in our big snowstorm that came a couple days after Christmas. How about these 2 silly guys? Harl, my dog, loves  the snow but Leo, one of my cats, was trying to get my attention to let him back in. One thing about winter and the cats being cooped up is that they kind of cranky at times, and I can't say I blame them.

I have a busy weekend ahead, how about you?  Hockey game tomorrow night and then having lunch with a friend on Sunday. Should be a lot of fun.
In between, we have a Pat's play off game Sunday and hopefully, a bit of studio time.
I'm sure it will fly right by and it will be another work week before you know it.
But no sense rushing life by.
And I don't want to think about another work week before this one is done yet.
That is just way to depressing.
Have a great Friday and hope you have some great weekend plans.

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