Monday, January 7, 2013

Catching Up

See this spinney thing? It was a Christmas gift I picked out at Harbor Freight Tools. Had been on sale for $18 and Dave picked up for me and saved it for a gift.
This weekend I finally got it assembled (thanks to me finally starting it and Dave finishing it up for me) and set it up on my work table.
A little glare but it is perfect. Holds so many items including all my distress stains.
Love it!
And it just spin it around when I want something on the opposite side. How easy and nice is that?
Hope you all had a nice weekend. Saturday we fought the crowds at Costco (and I have never seen it so crowded-had to wait in line for over 20 minutes to pay) and got Katie her new mattress plus did a bit of stocking up. Then we saw Maine hockey lose in our horrible internet streaming ability-oh makes me want to bawl my eyes out-both the streaming and the game results. Made a big pot of chili and played in the studio for several hours on Sunday-that was heavenly bliss though for all the time I spent up there I don't think I really accomplished a lot.
Too busy spinning my spinner storage I guess..
Mostly I was trying to get rid of the last remnants of this nasty cold, ear infections and get ready for a 5 day workweek. 
Hope you are staying healthy and had a great weekend too!

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