Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snow Day 1

Or I could have titled this post, what I did on my snow day off from work?
This was early in the day, when we just had a light breezy snow coming down.
Old Harl looks like a wolf standing out in my yard.
Ignore the flash glare.
Why do they always move their heads when you are just about to snap a photo?
This is how I spent part of my afternoon. Dina Wakely's new book arrived in the mail- I had pre-ordered it last fall after taking a class with her. I enjoyed starting to read it while eating a big bowl of popcorn.
This books looks excellent.
I really like Dina's style.
In the morning I made some meatballs and then got inspired and made a rainbow cake. Have you seen a rainbow cake? I didn't measure really well and ran out of batter so it had no violet layer.
I also used liquid food coloring and it doesn't give the deep rich color of paste colorings.
I made one of these 3 years ago. Here's how dark that one came out.
You can tell I used paste colorings here.
This time my cake was pastel rainbow.
Still delicious though!!!!
The cake recipes itself is really good, moist and light.
I usually can't make very great homemade from scratch light and moist cakes,
but I would use this recipe for any other cake.
It was yummy to eat after the meatballs and while we watched Star Wars episode 4 last night.
You can see the snow blowing in the porch lights last night.
They say we're going to have more of this part of the day today before it slows down.
I'll show you some more another time.
Hopefully (since I wrote this later last night) we still have and will not lose our power.
Stay warm, snow free and in the light.

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