Tuesday, March 25, 2014


We went into Boston this weekend, not to be tourists but to go to the Hockey East final games for the season.  Even though our alma mater Maine was out of it at this point (we lost last weekend in Providence), it was still a fun time in the big city.
Here's a few non-touristy type of photos I snapped on my phone.
I love the light reflections on this brick building.  Couldn't quite figure out how it happened, except maybe a skeleton of a building on the other side of this parking lot.  I would have looked to discover it, but when you're with 3 other people who don't have patience for your photo shooting, you must run to keep up.
A newbie for me, my first electric car charging parking spot in an outdoor parking lot.

Dave and I in the front of the flying Bobby Orr statue- which is in front of the Boston Garden.

North End alleyway. Those of you who know nothing about Boston should know that the North End is  a living neighborhood with narrow streets that date back from Colonial times.  There's a few historical building left like the famous Old North Church that shined its light(s) for Paul Revere during his ride to let the residents of Boston know that the British were coming-back in Revolutionary Boston around 1776. Now its a place filled with Italian restaurants and some of the best food in the city (some of the biggest portions and cheapest too).

Here's the kitchen view at a city bakery that makes the yummiest cannolis.

This is typical street width in the North End.
View of the new route 93 bridge near the Boston Garden where the hockey play-offs were taking place. Several years back Boston did some major road construction nicknamed the Big Dig. This is a really cool bridge that was built then. I love how you can walk out on this pathway right over this major highway. The highway at this point slips down into the Tip O'Neill Tunnel.
The TD Garden is where both the Bruins and the Boston Celtics play their respective hockey and basketball games.

And one final sign on the side of a building.
I wish I had more photo time, just like last weekend in Providence.  I will have to head back into the city and play tourist someday soon, maybe over my April school vacation. I love Boston- its the big city here in New England and I really enjoy spending time there.
That's it for today...
Glad you stopped by my blog.
Stay warm-
it's super cold once again here in the north woods.

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