Thursday, March 6, 2014

Snapshots from the Journey

I love living in New Hampshire-it is a beautiful place, but winters here can be long and overbearing- as it is this year (and not just for me I know lots of you are having a tough winter too).
But I must admit that I love the west. I have become fascinated by the southwest, especially northern New Mexico. Going back there for a second time just one year later from the first time was a new travel experience for me.
I didn't find the area any less beautiful or any less fascinating that the year before.
 These views may be something you see normally but not me.
Taos and Santa Fe, New Mexico are about as different from New Hampshire as turtles are from birds.

 You would never see something like this on the side of a building here in the land of white wooden steeples and trees.
Color isn't really part of the scenery unless its part of nature.
Thanks to our Puritan settlers.
Well right now this is the land of snow and cold.
You'd see snow piles.
And even if it was summer and we didn't have snow, you would never see a wide open landscape like this.
Gotta love how the US such a big diverse country.
Gotta love how fantastic traveling is.

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