Thursday, March 20, 2014

More from My New Mexico Travel Journal

Finished up my travel journal from my trip to New Mexico- and if you can believe it I went there almost a month ago.
Time sure flies by.
This time my journal has lots of bright colors. Perfect for New Mexico where the light makes colors much brighter than here in the wintery Northeast.
Still wintery though isn't today when spring starts?

This journal is a bit less day to day specific than a lot of my other travel journals. I did a bit more artsy pages, making my travel journal an art journal.  I really like how it turned out.
Maybe when you return to a place instead of going someplace new you can get a bit more  into the feel of the place. It makes sense. The first time you go somewhere you are just observing and taking in lot of details, but there's no process time. Then you leave, process, and when you come back, you can get into the place in a new way. Not the surface details, but the deeper details of the environment and the scenery and the community and all that other jazz.
Not too much to say today, but hope your enjoy looking at my pages.
Stop back soon.

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