Saturday, March 22, 2014


Right now my dreams aren't very ambitious or lofty- I am just dreaming of summer skies and warmer weather.
Maybe I should say I am dreaming of normal temperatures and no snow- just spring.

When my gardens are in full bloom and the air is warm and the grass is green.
 When we don't have single digit temperatures in the morning and the chance of snow at least one day a week.
Come on Mother Nature- it is spring now.

This year winter has been very long and very hard, as many of you probably know. Sometimes winter starts late and sometimes it starts early, but usually if it starts early it ends early and if it starts late, it ends late.  But this year- it had to start early and still hasn't ended.  This has been going on since Thanksgiving.
Ee gads!
Happy Spring- hope you have it wherever you are.
(In less of course you are south of the equator then I hope your autumn and beautiful and your winter will be short.)

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