Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Its My Birthday!

Today is my birthday!
54 years old- I can't image that!
Don't think it is going to be a very eventful day-
other than having a birthday that is-
but I did go on my little adventure trip last week which was a very exciting birthday gift.
(Bought myself a couple of little trinkets on my travels too..which is also very exciting.)
And I might drive down to my favorite craft store after work today...see how I feel when that time arrives.
So many new supplies out I think it would be fun to see what some of them are.
(And maybe buy one or two to celebrate my big day.)
So what am I striving for in my 54th year? (not in any particular order)
1-Peace and joy and good health
2- Being able to Practice happiness 
3- Going...I want to take advantages of opportunities
4-and make opportunities
5-I want to learn new things
6-read a lot more
7-and try new creative endeavors
8-while following my heart
9-I want to look for shooting stars
10-and spend time with the people I love
11-I hope to be fearless when I am full of fear
12- And kind when I want to be angry
13-I want to work on speaking up for myself when I need to (because I'm not very good at that)
without being cruel or nasty or angry...practice diplomacy you could say
14-I want it to be a year of sweet adventures
15-and I would like grace to handle the not so sweet moments.
16- and being totally selfish-
I want a fantastic year!!!
 Not trying to be poetic here-
just reaching a point in my life where I am trying to reach a better place.
There are good things about getting older that I would have never guessed when I was 24 or 34.
I find this time of my life really rich and rewarding.
But enough of my babbling.
Thanks for stopping by.

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