Monday, June 16, 2014

A Day on the Water

Yesterday was gorgeous. Not too warm, not too cold. Blue skies. It was father's day. The hubby, myself and my daughter all went out for another Sunday boating adventure.
Here's some photos I managed to snap.

Can you find the bald eagle in the tree, right near its nest? I watched the babies (think there are 2) flapping their wings. Not a lot of motion yet though.

Love this hippo statue someone put in the water by their house. He gets very covered up by high tide, but not totally.

 The route 95 bridge between new Hampshire and Maine.
Its the Nina and Pinta- 2 of Columbus' ships. Replicas of course.
And extremely rough incoming tide on the river. The Piscataqua has one of the worst currents in the world, and you can tell that here.

We also towed a boat to their marina-their engine had died, caught a slew of mackerel but not stripers, had a nice picnic on board and spend some good time together.
And now, the next bit of news.
Exciting for me.
This is it guys.
Kids are done on Thursday morning and then I have 4 teacher days and then I am lucky to have a summer vacation.
Sorry to rub that into those of you who don't have that.
Till tomorrow.
Thanks for visiting.

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bindu saju said...

You had a beautiful day. I am late to visit the blog post. Sharing it on G+