Saturday, June 28, 2014

How I Have Spent the First Few Days of My Summer Vacation

So my first couple of vacation days have been great! How could not going to work be anything but? (OK, I can think of about 1 million ways but I won't be a negative Nancy. Smile, enjoy! Right?)
I watched a movie that I enjoyed.
It is one of those quirky movies with that arty feel. The cinematography was very clever- reminded me of Amelie. Now there's a film I need to rewatch this summer.
I read this fun little detective novel.
I am going to try to read 2 books a week this summer, but I know that might not always happen. Especially if I get into a long book.
Been also doing some cleaning. My art space and a corner in my diningroom/ kitchen  need some TLC. The  CLUTTER! But with my daughter moved out I feel like it is time to refresh a bit and make some changes. So I have been cleaning, although this is a multi-step project and right now it looks messier than it did before I started. But I know I'm making progress.
I've started prepping my travel journal for our west coast adventure in a couple of weeks. I picked up one of these Maya Road blank cardboard books since I really liked using this size and shape last time I made a travel journal. They need some color and design though, and here's what I've done so far to the cover.
A lot more to pre-prep though. I'll have more to show you another time.
And while cleaning, I found this bin of assorted paper ephemera I had collected quite awhile ago and forgot I even had it. All kinds of cool pieces I had saved or kept instead of throwing away.
I love when you make such a fun discovery.
There's been a few other little adventures like rug shopping with hubby. We needed a new inexpensive not so stained, smelly and frayed livingroom rug. When the dog got sick last month it was the last days in the old rug's life. I love doing these routine and pretty typical things, now that I don't feel rushed to get them done on a 2 day weekend. Plus the hubby and I had a lot of fun driving to kingdom come and back again yesterday to find the right rug.
Not sure what we are doing yet today, since I wrote this last night and I haven't yet rolled out of bed. The beauty of a relaxed morning!
There's plenty of possibilities though.
Have a great day and hope you stop back soon.

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Florence said...

Hi Erika, Called in to see what you have been up to. The travel journal looks exciting and what about all those little bits!! Always fun finding stash. Really enjoyed reading your post. I feel quite chilled out now!!
Have a lovely weekend.
Flo xx
P.S. Thank you for the lovely comments left on the CB blog.