Monday, June 9, 2014

Color Explosion

I love 2 things about this page-
1) all the color
2) how it is really a perfectly flat page but looks-both in photos and in person- like there are cut out letters that are popping up.
Sorry about the slightly out of focus left side of the page. It had a bit of a curve to it, and that made my phone have a hard time to focus.
Suppose its not the most exciting page topic wise, but sometimes you just have to have a page where you try thing. Like all the colors, the blocky letters and the background flowers.

Memorial Day seems like it was so long ago to me.
But that's how it always gets at the end of school year. The excitement of summer and the busy-busy to wrap up curriculum, finals, other grades, etc. with 75 crazy high school sophomores.
Only 9 more days with kids.
Too bad I have 4 teacher work days afterwards.  :(
Last 5 day kid week!  :)
Enjoy your day!


bindu saju said...

After those 14 days, you will be making more I guess. Love the page. The colours are awesome. Love it. I like adding a lot of colours.

bindu saju said...

Like the color explosion. Tried to put another comment. Guess it is not working...

maria's knutselplezier said...

What a very pretty color explosion , I love it, great image and words too!! Great page for your art journal!!!